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An Overlooked Gem - 90%

Sargon_The_Terrible, December 7th, 2012

Well this is a trip back in time. I reviewed Funeral Age's first disc, Fistful of Christ, back in 2003, in my first year as a reviewer here. I always tried to keep an eye out for more from them, but it seems this one slipped past me. Thy Martyrdom Come was released in 2010 on the band's own dime, and it took me a bit of work to get ahold of it.

This doesn't have the slick, well-produced gloss of a more expensive album, no clickety-click of gated drums and high-speed technicality. What this band does have is heaviness to spare, old-school conviction, and a sense of musicality that would shame many so-called melodic bands. These songs are long, complex without being busy, and filled with a flowing and addictive sense of melody and phrasing. This is one extreme band that does not suffer the delusion that playing death metal excuses them from real songwriting or from playing good riffs. Funeral Age never use speed or heaviness to cover up deficiencies, but rather as tools to accentuate and sharpen their compositions.

Also, this is a dirty, gear-grinding death metal album in the vein of Possessed or Krisiun, though with their sprawling musical complexity, this band reminds me more than a bit of The Chasm in their glory days of Conjuration of the Spectral Empire. Thy Martyrdom Come is just a feast of great riffs and melodies that never stops surprising me with its twists and turns. A truly great album.