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Eh, You Can Skip This One - 50%

Thumbman, December 2nd, 2019

I love you Full of Hell, but this one just ain't doing it for me. This split comes off more raging hardcore than straight up power violence, with the most extreme moments stemming from the high pitched yells and guttural barks on Full of Hell's side of the split. I've never heard of Goldust before, but they're barely a stone's throw away from what Full of Hell are offering up here. Both sides of the split can be summed up as ok hardcore with a smattering of ok sludge.

Man, there's really just not too much to say about this one. This really isn't the burly powerviolence behemoth I know and love Full of Hell as. Their work here is largely very pissed off but very average hardcore, and some of the seeds of what they'd become awkwardly trying to get a stranglehold on their sound. I'm at a loss what to say about the hardcore because it's just so average. It basically sounds like any abrasive hardcore act but with harsher than usual vocals. There's a bunch of nascent sludge influence in the mix, but it doesn't really hit. The guitar tone isn't beefy enough and the riffcraft just isn't there. One sludge part in "Vessel Deserted" sounds like if you slowed down the most basic BDM slam to a crawl. That could be cool in theory, but they just don't pull it off. "Kopf Meines Vaters" perhaps is one of the biggest indicators of what's to come with the hardcore starting to bleed into grind territory.

Goldust just didn't strike me as memorable at all. The quick hit of "Entrails" just strikes me as a fairly nothingy song. "Ruine" at least seems to be trying. We get some crossover stuff, some more straight-up hardcore with blaring feedback and a somewhat decent attempt at quasi-melodic sludge. There's just not a lot to say about this side of the split. It's fine, I guess. I'd just never come back to it and I'll doubt I'll ever think about it again once I'm done writing this review.

Overall, this is a pretty nothingy split. It's not really bad, it's just super there. Full of Hell have gone on to achieve vastly superior work and I'm honestly not too motivated to check out anything else from these Goldust fellas. Heh.