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Oddly Compelling - 82%

erickg13, March 18th, 2007

Fulci’s debut album “Dead Lights Red Sky” is built in the vein of classic drone metal: it is drenched in atmosphere, ambience, and metallic feedback. And with those elements alone, they should attract any drone metal fan.

Sometimes drone metal is called merely noise, but when something this coarse can conjure up emotions, it becomes something more than just “noise”. The atmosphere sets a mood of a depressive, bleak, almost emotionless dread, with its monolithic tones, and undying heaviness.

Also, while this should be taken in as a full piece, it should be noted that it was a very good idea to split this up into five separate songs, to make the album a much less daunting task to listen to. But to fully understand this album, you must listen to it in full.

Overall, Fulci’s debut album “Dead Lights Red Sky” is a solid, drone doom album. Any fans of that genre should definitely pick this up. And while its good, but mostly unspectacular, it’s songs like “Scatter My Bones on the Shore” that make this worthwhile.