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Fukpig - Spewings From A Selfish Nation - 85%

altered_state, June 6th, 2010

In recent years the UK’s become something of a hotbed for what I would describe as grimy, seedy, dystopian Metal ranging from acts such as The Axis Of Perdition, Emit and S.I.S.T. to name a diverse few. Fukpig recently joint these ranks in 2009 as a side-project of Mick Kenney from Anaal Nathrakh and two familiar cohorts from Frost and Mistress who focus here on marrying Black Metal with Crust Punk. As with their main bands the music is ostensibly quite simplistic, as indeed is the method in which the two genres have been united. Discharge are clearly the primary influence in all aspects of the creative process. The guitars are mostly multi-layered powerchords accompanied by a heavily distorted, rumbling bass while the drums pummel onwards maintaining a near constant mid-paced D-beat. Above this cacophony brief nihilistic stanzas are repeatedly bellowed by a guy sounding something like an irately inebriated Barney Greenway.

Honestly, if pure Discharge-worship was Fukpig’s sole property I would probably be fairly happy, but the tinges of Black Metal give them a unique sound that I look forward to seeing expanded on future releases. The most prominent innovation are the squeals of lead guitar, frequently with bended notes, that either accentuate chord progressions or provide a very rudimentary lead. Occasionally rare synth-orchestral keyboard passages dominate the music that strongly resembles those used on Zyklon-B’s Blood Must Be Shed. These hostile dystopian characteristics are enhanced further by Kenney’s crude, yet nonetheless effective, penchant for applying varying levels of blanket distortion to everything.

Speaking of experimentation, the last two tracks feature brief spoken-word passages that seem to be an obvious nod to Anarcho-Punk band Crass. However, the final track is quite perplexing to me as it’s basically an already overlong D-beat song padded out by mindless sludging that noticeably lacks any of the lead guitars or keyboards present on every other song. It also cuts off in mid-stream ending an otherwise coherent album on a large sour note as it comprises roughly a fifth of the album’s brief running time.

Ultimately though, aside from the last track, Fukpig present a competent merger of Discharge and fleeting bestial Black Metal sensibilities. Therefore I’d recommend it to anyone who likes the old violent Crust Punk bands such as Amebix, Discharge, Hellbastard and Napalm Death in addition to the modern Black Metal bands that clearly take influence from these such as Carpathian Forest, Filth Of Mankind, Impaled Nazarene and The Meads Of Asphdel to a certain extent. Culling the last track and making the release an EP would have perhaps been a better choice, but then there’s nothing to stop me deleting it from my iTunes playlist.