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Grindcore with a hardcore aesthetic... - 73%

Asamaniac, November 17th, 2008

There has been a fuss about this band lately and I was really curious to see what are these guys (and a girl to be more precise) all about. I kind of expected to face a ’core’ band, since Relapse Records has started ruling this scene with exceptional releases. I hope FUCK THE FACTS is one more case of quality Hardcore.

The band hails from Ottawa, Canada, and was formed somewhere around 1998. FTF was formerly a solo band ran by Topon Das. They have released numerous albums, EP’s and a huge number of split CD’s and they now return with their brand new full-length offering to prove that Relapse was more than clever to sign them.

Their music is of course not the normal Metal music someone may expect to listen to. Relapse is all about signing weird bands with non standard tempos and compositions and FTF is one of them. Combining their Grind influences with a Hardcore aesthetic, the Canadian metallers craft a haunting atmosphere full of butchered corpses, rotten societies and sarcastic attitude. I admit that their lyrics are really clever. There must be something in the water they drink in Canada. There is no other explanation for bands like ANNIHILATOR, EXCITER, INFERNAL MAJESTY and many more.

To tell you the truth, "Disgorge Mexico" was a bit hard for me, since the band’s music is definitely not something that amazed me, though it is somehow strangely beautiful. The band has a wide variety of sounds that range from Grind riffing and relentless drumming to Hardcore beatdown and Stoner groovy parts. Even though this won’t be one of your best buying options for 2008, it will surely be an album that will spend some time spinning in your CD player. Even if it is mostly until you understand its music.

Originally written for Metal-Temple.Com
Yiannis D.

Grind Taken To Completely Unexpected Places - 90%

Shirt_Guy, August 4th, 2008

Now what we have mostly on tap here is old-school grind with a bunch of unexpected crazy noises (actually quite different from more the more technical grind/metalcore bands we have these days) and songs that mix in, wait a sec… alternative? Not alternative metal, but an early 90’s alternative/grunge influences backing up the scathing vocals of Mel Mongeon. This even includes guitar arpeggios, and even a clean passage with an emotive melody thrown on top that could go all the way back to ‘92 or ‘91. The final addition to this crazy hybrid? Other catchy depressing melodies permeating the atmosphere.

Before you run off thinking that this sounds like some disjointed mess, remember that old-school grind is based on chords running up and down the guitar neck, meaning that “Disgorge Mexico” is only a permutation away from getting the grungy alternative to work - which it does! Combine that with songs that while typically short (between 1 and 2 minutes), tend to run themselves together seamlessly, and you’ve got a 15 song grind epic!

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