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Awesome... - 90%

DEATHPORTAL, July 8th, 2013

Since its formation in 1999, Canadian grind band, Fuck The Facts, have released eight full-length albums and countless splits and EPs that number far too many to mention here. One thing is for certain, however, they have been featured on an average of five to ten releases a year for the past fourteen years. The year 2012 found Fuck The Facts in a rare absence from the scene after releasing 2011's Die Miserable. The band has made its return, thankfully, in June of 2013 with a self-released EP entitled, Amer, only available as a digital download, 10" vinyl, or cassette. Despite the year-long void, little has changed the in the ferocity of the band's attacking style of chaotic, groove-inspired grindcore. Much like their sound, their volume of work has been furious and relentless to say the least and today Fuck The Facts show no signs of slowing down.

In a pure DIY fashion, Amer is as endearing as it is masterfully composed and executed. Clocking in at nearly 14 minutes, this seven song EP packs the aural action and acts as a nice teaser for future works. Amer blasts and grinds with an inlay of nice thick sound quality, fire-tinged groove riffing, furious blast beats and trade-offs between multiple vocalists. The first track, "Une triste vue", is a doom-influenced song with hardcore elements. It is a strong composition and a perfect "toe wetter" before the deluge that is the rest of the album. Perhaps two of the strongest songs on the album are "Vent du nord" and "Panser la plaie au lieu de soigner le mal". These two tracks are aggressive and pounding, laced with rapid tempo changes and groove inspired metal, and captures the very essence of the band. "A Void" is a slower, atmospheric interlude that briefly allows the listener's bruises to settle a bit before being knocked around again for the rest of Amer's duration. Despite its length, this EP is robust in quality and intricately written compositions. Overall, Amer is a damn near perfect work. Fuck The Facts are back and display as a band that is at the top of its game... still. With all hope, Amer is a sign of things to come, and sooner than later for fans of the band.

One of Fuck The Facts most endearing quality is their aptitude to remain unbridled in their talents, and more so, creativity. They are an absolute one-of-a-kind group unharnessed by boundaries, with little regard to trends and opinions, which after all is the magical ingredient to the genre of grindcore. Nevertheless, there is something that elevates the band above their contemporaries that is hard to put one's finger on. Fuck The Facts explode with passion. Maybe it's their unique approach and sound they have trademarked as their own, perhaps it is their tendencies to want to make you put a couple of aerosol cans in a microwave and run in delight, or their own use of silly, twisted humor... Fuck The Facts just happen to shine bright with charming personality which can't help but be heard throughout their music. Regardless, they are just charismatically good at being themselves. It's bands like this that you never want to go away... ever. Luckily, for us, Fuck The Facts appear to be far from relenting their breed of havoc anytime soon.
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