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Kommander L having a VERY bad day. - 88%

EoS_Twilight, October 6th, 2008

This is, quite simply, what the last few Darkthrone albums wished they were. Black metal infused with a significant portion of good old crust punk. Kommander L, primarily known for his more traditional black metal act, Luctus, debuts this blazingly fast side project with No Peace. No Love. No Whores. No God. If the title didnt give you any hints, this band does not make music for the bleak of heart.

The production is very raw, even for black metal, and the drums do have a very metallic tone as would be expected from a drum machine. The vocals are harsh, but at the same time end up being incredibly catchy. Like most black metal albums, the bass is buried in the mix, following the guitars wherever they want to go. However, the guitar work is what makes this album so damn fun. Kommander L definitely took a page out of the Bolt Thrower school of music and translated it to a black metal style. This songs all sound very much the same, however every one of them absolutely slays. The blasphemy cover(atomic nuclear desolation) towards the end ends up sounding right at home and the random speech clips imposed onto the beginnings of many of the songs end up being a good change of pace.

This album is a blast to listen to, from start to finish. It may be repetitive and overall basically made for shock value, but I've yet to get tired of it. Give it a chance, it may brighten up your day.

Oh, and once again, if you are easily offended, stay away, far away.

What fun! - 85%

TheTrueHel, September 25th, 2007

This is a fun album, it's thrashy punk black metal that's very tongue in cheek. Wish the new Darkthrone was actually as punky and fun as people claim it was? Then get your hands on this album.

The songs themselves don't actually go past the 4 minute - production is buzzsaw, drums programmed and vocals audible. If I had to compare it to something else - I'd say the Satanic Warmaster "Strength and Honour" album (in sound, not attitude ;)).Although it's impossible to take this music very seriously, the whole "fuck you" attitude really is contagious and enjoyable. Some songs are indeed more melodic/poppy than others - especially the song "I Hate Homosexual Metalheads" (possibly the best song on the album). If you're not singing along by the end of the song (or the album for that matter)- there's something wrong with you.