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Fucking My Skull - 85%

Priest, June 3rd, 2004

Fuck...I'm Dead.

The basic feeling of this album is summed up by the name of the band. This is fast as hell Aussie Grind.

Fuck...I'm Dead use a drum machine, and on this album that isnt a bad thing. These drums are insanely fast, and sound like a normal drum kit played very, Very fast. The drums actually stand out alot on this album, because they are insanely fast, and also because they are have a very strong sound.
The guitars on this album are very brutal, and it suits the album and drums brilliantly. The guitars have some very catchy riffs as well as being insanely fast.
The vocals are a high scratchy scream most of the time, but you do get the low gutteral growls aswell, and the two vocal styles are implemented with direction and precision, not just randomly changing from low to high for the point of it.

When listening to the tracks individually, they are outstanding, and you can really hear each riff and the points were the songs pick up and really take off. but listening to them one after the other, they sound unbelieveably similar, and seem to marge together alot.
So when listening to them one after the other it is hard to pick out individual favourites. But individually, they all have points which stand out, and catchy riffs which stick in your head.
The two live tracks on the end of the album are also very good quality.

Stand out tracks: Army of Hermaphrodites, My Feral Fucktoy, and Fuck... I'm Dead.