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Premium Blastbeat Grind - 95%

Caleb_Murphree, February 24th, 2005

One of the best grind bands I've heard. I'm no grind virgin either. Very metal-influenced, grind like this is in very short supply. The best drum machine band I've heard aside from agoraphobic nosebleed. The blasts are intense, the drum fills are high quality and they know how to slow down occasionally but not to much, seeing as how it is grind. The guitar riffs are well-arranged, focusing primarily on melodic tremolo riffs that still stay true to the grind genre but also draw a very appropriate metal influence. The vocals are diverse, ranging from shrieking high-pitched screams of chaos and terror, to growls so low that your bowels will tremble in fear. The samples were nothing short of awesome, and used just in the right amount. Some of them are: A guy taking a diarreah poop and then pissing inbetween bursts of liquid shit and gas, girl-"you into metal" homosexual- "as long as it's heavy, Viking/warrior voice- "metal, substance of strength and honor. Overall I was quite impressed by this band and I would recommend them to my fellow grind-junkies and all fans of extreme music of any form.