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If I had to listen to grindcore I'd listen to this - 68%

The_Boss, May 26th, 2007

Well for non-grindcore fans like myself, the only reason we would think about checking out Fuck...I'm Dead's album would be for the name/song titles alone, then again it could be like the loads of other grindcore bands out there but dammit, those titles make you want to listen! I mean c'mon "Shotgun Facelift" and "Inject Me With AIDS" or my favorite "Slowly Raped with a Chainsaw" are just screaming 'read my lyrics!'. Then as soon as I read some of the reviews and search the web, I find that there aren't any lyrics, even if there were you would not be able to understand them in the songs anyway..but it would have been fun to read them if they existed...

So basically what we have is a maniacal drumming, insane shrieking and primal grunts, then some semi-thrash/metal riffs mixed with typical grind style 'riffing'. Now the drumming, obviously a drum machine is used and let's just say it's mostly fucking insanely fast and done with taste, that's the best thing on this entire album. The drums are the most entertaining thing because to me they don't get tiring or overdone to the point of boring. There are some bands that just set the drum machine on grind your stomach to oblivion but this is done with diversity. Lemme get back to the vocals for a second, I mentioned they are done so fast that I'm pretty sure there is no way he can actually say words. The guy sounds as if he's being fucking tortured when they go into shriek-mode, but then they can switch over to low guttural growls and it sounds as if he's at some haunted house scaring little kids dressed up in a big scary yeti costume which ends up sounding retarded. If the guy sang in a higher pitched shriek the whole time I'd be more interested. The bass is pretty much non-existent as well.

Now let's get this straight I'm not a grindcore fan really, but this is enjoyable, if only for the presence of SOME melody for a grindcore band exists as well as the riffs being actually influenced by thrash in some places. Good thing the songs are only 50 second to 1:30 seconds because other than that I'd get bored after that minute and half. There are also over 20 tracks and let's just say they could have been trimmed down to maybe 10-12 because when listened to song after song they just blend in without getting much recognition of a distinct quality so it might be best to listen to a song individually not the whole album in one listen...

Fuck...This Is Awesome! - 92%

Stonedsour2097, March 14th, 2007

Man did these guys catch me by surprise. Reading the song titles and even the band name made me think this was some kind of joke. Man was I ever wrong! This CD may be the last saving grace for modern grindcore music. I have not heard allot of this bands in stuff, so I can’t judge there entire body of work. But I can determine from listening to this that they bring a whole new spectrum to the genre never seen before.

The best thing about these guys is there speed. I knew the drumming here was way too good to be true. It turned out they use a drum machine, which is okay in this case because they use it tastefully. They don’t only utilize it to do impossibly fast drumming like some bands (Berzerker I’m looking your direction).

The guitars are just amazing. The riffs are primarily of the thrash persuasion, but they even include melodic parts in some of there songs like on the song Army Of Hermaphrodites. In between all of the insanity comes this beautiful riff, before it gets crushed under the noise. Sadly I can’t say much for the bass on this album, but you don’t really need it, the guitar is just way too dominant.

The vocals are another huge plus on this CD. This guy goes guttural without overdoing it or reverting to squealing like a pig. He also does the higher pitched screams, and the sheer speed at which he executes them makes you think he’s going to have an aneurysm. There aren’t any lyrics, which is a good thing in this case, you couldn’t understand it anyway.

There are several brilliant tracks on this album, some include Jeffery Dahmer Cookbook which contains a killer breakdown that isn’t of the typical hardcore variety. As well as the melodic moments on Army Of Hermaphrodites, and Toilet Tantalizers. All in all if you’re a grind fan or a fan of metal in general this is an album you’ll really enjoy. It’s more than worth a download or even, dare I say it, the ten bucks. Fuck…I’m Dead maybe saving grind music as we know it.

Premium Blastbeat Grind - 95%

Caleb_Murphree, February 24th, 2005

One of the best grind bands I've heard. I'm no grind virgin either. Very metal-influenced, grind like this is in very short supply. The best drum machine band I've heard aside from agoraphobic nosebleed. The blasts are intense, the drum fills are high quality and they know how to slow down occasionally but not to much, seeing as how it is grind. The guitar riffs are well-arranged, focusing primarily on melodic tremolo riffs that still stay true to the grind genre but also draw a very appropriate metal influence. The vocals are diverse, ranging from shrieking high-pitched screams of chaos and terror, to growls so low that your bowels will tremble in fear. The samples were nothing short of awesome, and used just in the right amount. Some of them are: A guy taking a diarreah poop and then pissing inbetween bursts of liquid shit and gas, girl-"you into metal" homosexual- "as long as it's heavy, Viking/warrior voice- "metal, substance of strength and honor. Overall I was quite impressed by this band and I would recommend them to my fellow grind-junkies and all fans of extreme music of any form.

Fucking My Skull - 85%

Priest, June 3rd, 2004

Fuck...I'm Dead.

The basic feeling of this album is summed up by the name of the band. This is fast as hell Aussie Grind.

Fuck...I'm Dead use a drum machine, and on this album that isnt a bad thing. These drums are insanely fast, and sound like a normal drum kit played very, Very fast. The drums actually stand out alot on this album, because they are insanely fast, and also because they are have a very strong sound.
The guitars on this album are very brutal, and it suits the album and drums brilliantly. The guitars have some very catchy riffs as well as being insanely fast.
The vocals are a high scratchy scream most of the time, but you do get the low gutteral growls aswell, and the two vocal styles are implemented with direction and precision, not just randomly changing from low to high for the point of it.

When listening to the tracks individually, they are outstanding, and you can really hear each riff and the points were the songs pick up and really take off. but listening to them one after the other, they sound unbelieveably similar, and seem to marge together alot.
So when listening to them one after the other it is hard to pick out individual favourites. But individually, they all have points which stand out, and catchy riffs which stick in your head.
The two live tracks on the end of the album are also very good quality.

Stand out tracks: Army of Hermaphrodites, My Feral Fucktoy, and Fuck... I'm Dead.