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Frigid and uninspired - 10%

faithlessasshole, November 24th, 2021
Written based on this version: 2021, CD, Tribulación Productions (Digipak)

No Pun intended but the first thing that came to my mind when I played Crypt of Ice on my cd player was that the souls of these musicians must be frozen because they barely transmitted emotion to my ears. Another thing that appeared in my mind was Bolt Thrower, the slow chugs and chunky guitars with the low guttural vocals seemed familiar as Crypt of Ice moved on. However, all these images in my mind and the taste in my mouth after several listens was kind of bland and uninspired, similar to a portion of tasteless or unseasoned food. In this case, like the taste of frozen food. In the end, I did not like what I heard and I’m going to tell you why.

First of all, I would like to quote Type O Negative on the back cover of their album Bloody Kisses, “Don’t mistake lack of talent for genius”. There are bands in the American death metal scene that share similar aspects to Frozen Soul, for instance, Gate Creeper and Creeping Death. Nonetheless, not all the products launched into the market are equally well performed, inspired, and high quality. The case of Frozen Soul is that several social media sites hyped their debut record as the ultimate throwback product, plus, being signed by a major label like Century Media inflated, even more, their status. Music is about the feelings that musicians transmit to the listener and Frozen Soul fails in this basic endeavor and principle of arts in general. Frozen Soul’s motive and music concepts focus too much on the icy topics; so much, that in the end, they manage to deliver a frigid and soulless product, like a frozen meal. In the beginning, before I listened to the whole album, the social media that inflated this record to stratospheric status succeeded to engage me and hyped me to buy and consume this frozen meal. However, after repeated listens I found out that not everything that shines is gold. So, two key concepts here: Number one, the fact that a band is signed to a major label doesn’t mean it's good. The second one, be careful with social media, not everything recommended by them is good.

Why does Frozen Soul’s debut fail to transmit emotions to the listener? Well, I think that the first argument to support this question is that the desperate attempt to homage, worship, or simply copy Bolt Thrower is dull. The vocals performed by Chad Green lack astuteness and attitude. Death metal is not just growling and screaming for the sake of doing it, singers need to connect to the listeners by infusing hearts and souls and Chad lacks all of the above. Come on man, did you have breakfast? Guitar-wise, well, another mediocre attempt to be Bolt Thrower or in this case “Cold Thrower”. Guitars are chunky and stuff but they seem the same all the record, nothing about guitars surprised me. The hard-core influences are just gimmicking boring galloping chugs and dull breaks with casual accelerations and uninspired none-sense riffage. The comparison that comes to my mind is a Michael Bay movie, full of explosions and gimmicks but as a movie is just trash, the same happens with Crypt of Ice. The drumming is boring and just accompanies guitars for the sake of doing that, there are no memorable fills or something mind-blowing. The bass is almost inexistence, I think they put a girl as the bass player just to be more similar to Bolt Thrower if you know what I mean. The difference is that Jo Bench did sound great in Bolt Thrower.

Going track by track in Crypt of Ice would be an exercise in futility due to all of the above. However, I´m going to give some impressions about the songs in general. To begin with, I’m not a fan of intros and especially when a band abuses this resource. In this case, I hate intros in this record, for example in the opener song Crypt of Ice, the intro is there just because. There is no connection with the album’s theme, I consider that if you put no intro, it works the same. It does not build anticipation is just a worthless ornament. Hand of Vengeance has a short piano intro that works like the wings of a penguin. Wraith of Death also has a dull intro that does not contribute to any special in the record, gimmick, and more gimmick I would say. The general feeling of the record is a certain sense of frigidity and indifference, somewhat similar to a collage of riffs, dull drum fills, random icy theme lyrics, and none existence bass lines.

All in all, my opinion on Crypt of Ice is not very positive as I mentioned before. The idea of including this band into the best of 2021 is wrong and you should go and check your ears if you think so; The fact that Century Media puts their name on the back cover of this album doesn’t mean is good and doesn’t mean I have to like it. There are throwback bands that homage old-school sound better and especially with more inspiration and attitude, not the case of Frozen Soul. I think this record can be played when you are multi-tasking, let it be in the background and you’ll not even notice it was there. Recommended if you like death metal and don’t matter about copy-cats, go ahead is all yours. However, if you have a better taste for music; there are better bands in the scene now. For instance, Gate Creeper, Outer Heaven, and Genocide Pact have a better sound and attitude.