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Frozen Mist Anomalies Of The Forest - 80%

GoddessOvFire, June 12th, 2011

Deep in the mountain forest of Pennsylvania lurks Frozen Mist, bringing to the table the appropriately titled album Anomalies Of The Forest. After last year's release of White Noise Paranormal, the duo of Darkj and Wulv are stepping it up. Quite a departure in sound from White Noise Paranormal, Frozen Mist turn things around in their favor. Considering themselves to be dark melodic metal, Anomalies of the Forest brings more of a black metal influence. "Barren, Pagan Lands" starts the album out with black metal fury. Everything about it is fast - blast beats, guitars and bass. Darkj’s vocals are growled very angrily and intensely. Layers of guitar go from fast to melodic at times. My only complaint with this album is that the drums are a bit loud in the mix and sometimes has a bit too much treble. Song five, "A Forest Trail In The Winter Mountains" has to be one of the best tracks on the album. With its wayward blast beats and its rolling riffs, one can only imagine visions of hiking through a wintry forest. The Cold Black Lake is quite an epic song lasting over seven minutes with many different changes within itself, calming in the middle only to pick up speed and explode and end quite strangely. Just when you think the album is over, as the sounds of the forest engulf you, a track hidden quite far into the sound of the woods comes to light. "Yggdrassil Dying" sounds quite ethereal and nearly spiritual - no drums, no vocals, just waves of sound. Fast and brutal at times, Anomalies Of The Forest brings the dark metal of the Frozen Mist sound nearly to black. This review originally appears courtesy of me, Goddess Sioux, on the metal webzine Nocturnal Hall at