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Wonderfully Crafted - 82%

Jaxel, July 9th, 2006

As metalheads might have learned through this site, or other ways, this album is completely different to the usual Frostmoon Eclipse's releases. In all honesty it is a welcome change, I really find dull and mediocre their whole Black Metal Catalog. On to the review....

First of all, this is a completely acoustic rock album. Yes, acoustic drums, guitar, bass....some whispered vocals and some smooth vocals which seems a lot like Opeth's Damnation. I really wanna do a track by track review, because i've mostly read in interviews that this is like Ulver's Kveldssanger, which is based on something, but not entirely accurate.....

1. What Could Have Been - We open with the longest track of the album, this track does sound a bit production wise, to Ulver's aforementioned album. From that we get a mid paced tempo acoustic, not folky, but more into the depressive side song. Notably, the album feels very organic, in a stripped down way. This is such a long song, we even get a solo, obviously acoustic, and sort of short, but its there...lyric wise, i guess the whole album is some sort of painful trip into sadness. This is a good song, but in all honesty, drags a bit too much, it is very calmed, like the whole album so i guess that helps.

2. Long Gone - Notice how the starting riff, if it was played with an electric guitar will be perfectly fitted of the Katatonia sound, and the song basically drags into this riff, which sounds like if Katatonia was playing acoustic rock, now im wondering how the fuck will that sound...but oh well, i guess this is the closest thing for now...the building riff doesn't sound that bad, the bass kinda dominates it, and then it hitted me, the whole album is moving towards a sort of depressive landscape liking it like crazy, especially considering its a cloudy day.

3. Last Will - The first instrumental, this is a complete nod to Elohim Meth, from Katatonia, from the Dance Of December Souls Album, sounds exactly like it. I really enjoyed it, since both of them put me in this dreamy mood.

4. Devilish And Mournful - I adore this song, its sort of evil, sort of sad. The main riff is very, dont know, sounds Opethish, its kinda cool...the chorus, hahaha with the whole yeaahhhh, in some whispered vocals, its kinda creepy...

5. A Moment Long a Lifetime - This song starts more upbeat, riffwise, drumming wise. Im not saying its a happy song, just more upbeat of a start. The vocals sound more wailing and full of anguish on this song. The drumming is a bit tad more complicated than on other songs, but still nothing spectacular, the show is the acoustic guitar, period.

6. A Warm Yesterday - a very sad intro, greets us, by this point im totally absorbed into the music. This riff sounds very melancholic, i guess the band wasnt lying when they said, they had great music composed for non black metal album. This is mostly instrumental, which is great!!!

7. With Your Emptiness - starting riff once again, utterly brilliant. This song is pretty simple, with a basic verse/chorus/verse...great great vocals.

8. Neon Lights - This is the second and last instrumental, it if worth mentioning the album is mostly instrumental anyways. I think its smart from them, the music really speaks a lot by itself. This one has to be heard to be believed, pure but pure creativity, its like you are hearing your neighbor playing some acoustic guitar, and then adding some drums in your

9. Joyless and Soulless - I would admit it, the album drags on a bit and by this point, im either too dreamy to continue paying attention, or im not in the mood for this and i'm completely bored. This is the blandest song on the album, and i guess that doesn't help considering the point on which it hits. Pretty forgeatable, i guess filler will be the word?

10. Once Was Gold - the last three songs of the album, including this one are the best of the whole bunch. This song is basically, like A Warm Yesterday, structure wise, so we dont get a chorus/verse/chorus thing we simply get a great composition, very good, much better than the beginning of the album.

11. Ten Thousand Miles Ahead - This song rules, it reeks in loneliness, im very impressed by the fact this song is here, like so late in the album...even if its a verse/chorus song, it is sadness that can only be heard to be believe...superb

12. It Heals, It Hurts - An acoustic riff and clean singing stars this one off, very melancholic, but when the drumming comes in, i kinda notice, the drumming on this song, is very good...once it starts off anyways, it is very creative, even has some drum rolls, this is easily the best song on the album, because we get another genuinely great riff, and when we add the consistent drumming, and we are in for a treat.

In conclusion, this album could be better, but seeing that the band has never putted out an acoustic album, this is something i think will be some sort of temporary status, therefore, making this a jewel that most of the old fans of the band will puke on....on the other hand people with a bit tad of an open mind, might really enjoy this as i have...could be better, but certainly not that terrible, and its quite enjoyable....recommended for open minded.