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Trustworthy. - 84%

Perplexed_Sjel, December 4th, 2007

Frostkrieg are a band with perhaps the most unoriginal black metal name EVER! That's no understatement folks, their name truly is laughable. However, their music is not. Considering the fact that we're here to discuss music, let's try not to dwell on their dire name for too much long (even though it's THAT bad). As you can see, Frostkrieg *Shudders* have only one review on Metal Archives and it's a very short review at that. You tend to find, well I do, that bands like this rarely get given much attention. Thankfully, someone has managed to pick this gem out of the bag and review it. 'Majestätic Eines Kalten Elementes' is one of those full-lengths that comes out of nowhere. You pick it up, put it on and expect not an awful lot. However, despite their godawful name, Frostkrieg have managed to pull themselves together and put this stunning full-length in the headlines for once.

'Majestätic Eines Kalten Elementes' doesn't deal too much in what black metal is known for. Sure, it has those distorted-to-fuck vocals, but they aren't what you'd expect either. They don't sound particularly rasping to me, but maybe i'm hearing things differently. The vocals aren't the major talking point, that is perhaps one of the most typical thing about Frostkrieg. Black metal isn't know for it's stunning range of vocals, but instead, it's known for the atmosphere it brings to the audience. It's no nonsense attitude is appealing to a select few and that will forever remain the same. Frostkrieg are a band that deals with black metal in threes. For instance, the best song on the album is a tricolon, 'The Night, The Light and The Flame'. As I say, Frostkrieg splits the black metal genre up into three sections, with each section receiving as much attention as the last. This equal amount of attention is paramount. Solid musicianship has to go down as the first of the three elements we're dealing with. Frostkrieg superbly arrange their songs. Whether that comes in the form of the layers within the songs. How the bass is plugged into the mix, or how the mellifluous riffs contribute to the album as a whole, or how the songs are placed on the album. Musicianship is something high on our list for this black metal band. Where most others tend to fail, Frostkrieg succeed with a sparkling outcome.

The second aspect we're faced with when it comes to Frostkrieg is the use of the guitars, but most notably the bass, on 'Majestätic Eines Kalten Elementes'. The bass is an element that is ever present on this particular full-length. It's thick sound is always close to the surface and it's pleasing to hear. Black metal bands usually fail to utilise the bass, but Frostkrieg don't. They use bass to back up the atmosphere soundscapes that the lead guitars layer on top of it. using two guitarists has definitely worked in their favour on this occasion. The leads are by far and away the most pleasing element, despite the fantastic use of the third element, the keyboards. The riffs aren't too repetitive and are heavily doused in melody. As I say, 'The Night, The Light and The Flame' is a brilliant indication of what I am referring to here. The way in which the bass and guitars fuse together to make an impenetrable sound is superb. Finally, the third aforementioned element, the keyboards. Without these, the soundscapes wouldn't sound so rich in texture. Frostkrieg aren't certainly a multi-talented band. Each musician offering something different and something unique.

It's not all fluffy kittens though. Frostkrieg certainly have a malicious side. This is portrayed aptly by the vocals. Those harsh sounds are spewed forth with venomous wrath. The production isn't restrictive to this aggressive manner. In actual fact, it enhances that aggressive sound. As does the percussion. Each pound of the drum is like a punch in the gut. Superb. 'Majestätic Eines Kalten Elementes' isn't what I was expecting. When black metal bands release short albums, like Frostkrieg have done, I tend to hold low expectations. Although the major negative of this album is that it is far too short, that doesn't damage my opinion of this release and it shouldn't to yours either.

Solid - 92%

lordvallsbyrd, May 1st, 2005

Another great release by Nykta Productions. Like the other hordes on this label, expect quality black metal with excellent riffing. The album starts of with an instrumental intro which builds into the opening track, The Night, The Light, and The Fire, the best work on the disc, worthy of putting on repeat. Fast paced, slightly raw black metal with the occasional but not overly melodic riffing patterns. Plenty of tremelo picking, spot on drumming, and grim vocals. Another standout black metal release. I recommend this opus along with anything Nykta is involved with.