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Frosthardr - Varg - 80%

InGraveChaos, April 28th, 2013

Too often bands announce releases which never see the light of day. The same counts for Frosthardr who even played a release show for their full-length which isn't released as of today. I honestly think it shouldn't be very hard for them to find a proper label to release it on. It is a bit disappointing because the music is finished, and quite some people are waiting for it. Anyway, let us look to one of their releases they actually did release. This EP consists of two black metal tracks and a thrash metal cover.

At first listen, a while ago, I thought the music is a bit hard to get through because I was expecting a more traditional sound of black metal. Instead, there are lots of tempo changes and thrash and death influences. Although the origin of the band lays in black metal and it is still the overtone of the music. After some time and re-listening to this disc made me enjoy it more. I think this has mostly to do with my personal taste expanding.

The production is clear but not polished which makes it, by black metal standards, easier to listen to. There is a good balance between the drums and guitar which makes the songs flow fluently in the faster parts. The opening track 'Varg' is, opposed to the other two songs, the most traditional black metal song. It contains mainly tremolo picking and typical black metal drumming which suits each other well and results in a quite decent track. 'Tortured' starts alike the opening track but after the opening riff, which is more than decent, comes soon thrash influenced guitar riffs with many tempo changes. Which made me struggle to really like it at first. But 'Frosthardr' plays with skill and keep it interesting enough if you are not a black metal purist.

Then the closing song is a 'One Bad Pig' thrash metal cover. I never heard to original but the song sounds well played with the same annoyed vocals as is heard on the rest of this EP and even including some deeper grunts. Typical thrash metal, nothing really special but a nice closure of the EP. The musicianship is good and the music is very enjoyable. If you like some variation in your black metal than this is a good disc for you. Although I think I enjoy the first EP a little more.

Yet Another Tiny Sign of the Band's Existence - 82%

thejoker, September 2nd, 2011

With the release of yet another EP entitled "Varg", the question is begged beyond reason - when will Frosthardr ever release a full-length album? For a band with such a loyal following in the Christian black metal underground, I cannot for the life of me understand why this very talented and promising band never seems to do anything but tease us listeners with little glimpses of its existence! But such as it is - it is. Here we have a three-song EP, consisting of one new song, an old B-side from the "Makteslos" EP, and a cover song. That's it.

But let's get right to the music, as I could complain for some time about this band and Admonish's annoying habit of only ever releasing tiny snippets of material every once in awhile. First song "Varg" is an epic slab of frozen grimness, perfectly executed, and arguably the best song the band has yet recorded - fuller-sounding than the "Makteslos" material, with a much darker slant.

Second track "Tortured" is an exceedingly lengthy leftover from the "Makteslos" EP, apparently cut from the album due to the length. Rest assured, the song quality is definitely there - with this song though, you'll be instantly able to tell the difference in production from their new "Varg" song and their old sound. Not sure what to say about the third track, a cover song entitled "Thrash Against Sin". To me, it falls kind of flat - if I want some real thrashing against sin, I'll take Frost Like Ashes' "Tophet" album.

Overall, it's a cool teaser - but is it just a signpost pointing off a frozen cliff, or is it actually pointing to the glory to come from this band? I'm starting to wonder if we'll ever know.