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Promise of Grim Things To Come... - 85%

thejoker, August 13th, 2011

Frosthardr are a Christian black metal band completely on their own it seems, and liking it that way. Overshadowed by the two great pillars of the Scandinavian Christian black metal scene, Crimson Moonlight and Antestor, Frosthardr play a completely different style. Seemingly influenced by the grimmer side of black metal, but uninterested in mere Darkthrone imitations, Frosthardr spit out some nasty, bleak, cold unblack. This, there first release ever, is a testament to that fact.

There's only two tracks to give the listener just a taste of their sound, and this seems to be something they have continued on with throughout their career. Like Admonish, they have only released a handful of songs, and not even one full length album. And yet the respect they have within and without the unblack metal crowd is quite astounding.

To the songs then - "Frostens Grimme Klør Om Vinternatten Holder" is classic black metal, cold and traditional, in the vein of the early 90's sound. Guitar-production and riffing is perfectly in line with the orthodox sound of early second-wave black metal, and Jokull's vocals sound like he's simultaneously screaming and gurgling blood. Like Satyricon, there are a lot of tempo changes throughout the song, from mid-paced blasts to slow passages.

Second track, "Unhuman Morbid Fantasy", is pure Carpathian Forest inverted. A song about the effects of rape and incest upon a young woman, it takes a sympathetic and mournful, outraged view of the subject rather than twisting it into an anthem praising depravity a la Carpathian Forest. The beginning riff is pure perfection by the way. I could listen to it over and over.

Overall, a real promising demo - no wonder these guys have gotten so well known.