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Frostburn > My Scars > Reviews
Frostburn - My Scars

You don't want to miss a great band do you? - 90%

Silence, January 22nd, 2004

Frostburn really is one of the most interesting newcomer bands I recently got to know. Imagine that these guys are only 17 years old and sound like a professional band. Their style is very melodic, dark gothic metal comparable with Charon or For My Pain. This is their third demo which impressed quite a lot. Both guitarists and vocalist do an awesome job to create a dark, melancholic atmosphere as it is usual in this genre. Simply everything fits together. In all of these four tracks on "My scars" you can find amazingly precise guitar work, strong vocals and fantastic melodies. Of course you can hear influences like Charon from time to time (both bands come from the same city) but apart from this we have a really talented young band and I hope to hear more from them!