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A short single of intense bleak and raw BM - 73%

NausikaDalazBlindaz, January 28th, 2014

2013 was a busy year for depressive black metal act Frostagrath: two singles, two albums and a split recording with a Sri Lankan BM act. "Into A Dimensional Timeless Void" was released early in 2013.

Just the one song is featured but what we get in nearly eight minutes is very raw and bleak growling music with guitar noise buzz backed by hard percussion rhythms. An early episode of introspective acoustic guitar melody with ambient synth accompaniment intervenes. Vocal work is dry death-rattle banshee wails. The programmed drums sometimes vary in speed but overall the pace is medium-slow, almost doomy. Gloom and despair are ever present and increase in intensity as the song progresses.

The song is not a bad effort when we consider that Lord Mist, the sole member of the band, wrote and sang all the lyrics, played all the instruments and did all the mixing, programming and production duties. The acoustic guitar section is the highlight of the song: its dark and very melancholy mood sets the very despondent tone for the rest of the song. The song's weepy atmosphere is very strong and perhaps Lord Mist concentrated on this aspect of the song a little too much at the expense of the rest of the music which does meander a lot, is a bit uneven with just one acoustic passage near the beginning, and fading out at the end without having much of a climax or resolution. The music is too even in temper and needs more emotion than just passive dejection to push it to its utmost. The drumming is quite good in parts and has a lot of force; it could do with a heavier sound which would add aggression to the music.

This is good melodic depressive BM with a strong raspy edge and an intense bleak mood. The single format without a B-side though can't tell the casual listener whether Frostagrath is consistent or the song is just a fluke so you need to hunt some more of the project's work (much of it has been uploaded to Youtube by a number of people, which in itself might say something about the interest this band has generated in cyberspace) to know for certain.