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Frostagrath - Inbetweener

A deeply bleak and despairing melodic post-BM song - 77%

NausikaDalazBlindaz, January 27th, 2014

One of a number of releases Frostagrath sent out into the world in 2013 after his modest yet promising debut a year earlier, "Inbetweener" shows how far Lord Mist has come. He has a better grasp on creating atmosphere and melding it with his music which is also more melodic. The recording facility is a lot better too with the result that Frostagrath's sound now sparkles clearly and coldly. The percussion is a lot better too - gone is the metal-pot sound and in comes more crisp and sharp cymbal work and more robust drum-work with a clear snare and definite tom-tom booms. Synthesiser and guitar have a stronger and more full-bodied sound as well.

The result combined with Lord Mist's liking for changing into minor key in the riff loops is a deeply bleak and despairing song with an ambience that punches black painful holes into your belly and makes you feel quite nauseous. The song's atmosphere and powerful repeating riff capture the anguish of someone contemplating his last moments of life and seeing himself on the threshold of death. Lord Mist's vocals are very death-rattle spidery, almost fading into the guitar buzz drones and enervated synth wash.

If Lord Mist and Frostagrath (who seem to have be a trio now) continue in the direction that I think they're going in, they'll be quite a good melodic atmospheric post-BM band. I'd like them to dump the synthesisers or at least minimise their use - every DSBM band and their dog seem to rely heavily on synths - and include piano or other live acoustic instruments. The band is based in Egypt and I think using native Egyptian / Arab instruments like oud (similar to acoustic guitar) or zorna (a reedy instrument like an oboe in its sound) would suit their music.