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A collection of great stuff - 90%

Werewolf, December 19th, 2009

This CD is a great alternative for these who missed the countless 7” EP’s and split releases this 1-man project’s music got carved in during the years, with a total length of 77 minutes! For those who don’t know this project – it’s “Black Heavy” Metal, done by Daniel aka Evil Avenger from Nocturnal. It’s not a combination of NWOBHM-like stuff with BM vocals like in the case of Devil Lee Rot, but a mixture of mainly Burzum-like ugly vokills and mid to fast temp tremolo riffage, which reminds a bit of Speed and Thrash (with obvious Destruction influences in the riffing I'd say).

It’s primitive and raw, but it definitely doesn’t sound like a bunch of early 90’s Darkthrone inspired kids who fuck-up their sound intentionally. All the instruments can be heard well and there are many “simple but effective” guitar parts that make it somehow more varied than an average 2nd wave BM sounding band. There’s much variety between the different tracks’ length between less than 2 minutes and more than 7 minutes) and some longer songs sound a bit repetitive, but overall it’s recommended for any METAL lover and not only BM maniaks!

Nevertheless it’s not just another band to listen to in the background while doing something else, since it’s drenched with melancholy and despair and if you wanna feel the true essence of this music – you’d better listen to these songs carefully. By the way, this CD also has a nice bonus – a Xeroxed A4 page with a FB centered interview. Get it while you can, since it’s limited to only 666 hand numbered copies!