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Superb Iranian Black Metal - 100%

Arkonafolk, June 9th, 2013

Originally hailing from the Iranian capital Tehran, this one man project has now re-located to Norway and become a four piece. "Kamarikan" is the black metal bands second full length album and the first with label Indie Recordings. It should also be noted that this album was created and recorded by one man, that being Sina who has overcome huge challenges based around his location just to even bring forth his music to be heard. Muslim countries and Iran especially have a deep seated hatred of what they perceive as western music and metal in particular who they dub as satanists regardless of lyrical content or imagery. Indeed in many Islamic nation the listening too or creation of metal is against the law so it carries a huge amount of danger to do what Sina does. Taking influence from the old school Norwegian black metal acts of the early 90's as well as Persian history and folk lore, From the Vastland should be a damned interesting project to experience.

Consisting of seven tracks, "Kamarikan" starts with the furious sounding "The Ahriman Wizard" which along with blazing a trail of destructive black metal ferocity, also builds up a vast wall of impenetrable noise using slower, more intense moments of blackened anger and hate to temper the unstoppable out pouring of vitriolic ravenous anguish and suffering which spews forth from the mouth of Sina whilst mesmerising drumming and even more impressive guitar play play out a wonderfully melodic yet apocalyptic heavy form of black metal. What Sina has accomplished with this album is to create a one man project that sounds as healthy and strong and powerful as a full band effort, and by contrasting the devastating rush of aggression with segments of darkness and slowed down harmonic calm, he brings an element of equilibrium to the whole record.

With sinister sounding raw vocals and a winding cold feel to the guitar melody, "Call of the Mountain Battle" is every bit the epic that it's previous counterpart is. Musically diverse and gripping at all time there is never a moment when Sina lets his momentum or his intensity drop and as well as his lyrical foray into Persian history and folklore's he also stays clear of the traditional Satanic angle of old school black metal by giving us his take on Zoroaster and the struggle between light and darkness, a topic in my eyes more than suitable for this genre of music. Yet despite the cerebral nature and intricate meanderings of his work there is still room for From the Vastlands to simply cut loose and plunge head first into the more destructive arts and songs like "Darkness All Over the World" which whilst still highlighting the slower and more methodical nature at the heart of his work, also demonstrate Sina's ability to thrash and shred out some truly damaging and high paced black metal riff-age and blast beats! Not only that though, Sina has the astute knowledge that a little drama and suspense can build an ungodly amount of anticipation before finally falling of the edge of the cliff with some thunderous and crushing sounds, whilst at the same time delicate little acoustic tones and drawn out fret work played in a dark and icy fashion can provide the audience with a superb and oppressive atmosphere!

It should by rights take a full band to make something this unique and special, how one man did this I just do not know! What I do know is that this is one album you have to experience for it's charm, aggression, depth, culture and it's out right musical talent!

Originally posted on Destructive Music