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Horror bloody Horror - 95%

shagnarokvonlustmord, November 30th, 2008

Those crazy bastards that brought you 'Lord Gore', 'Engorged' and 'Bloodfreak now have another extraordinary project by the name of 'Frightmare'. Every bit the monster that the aforementioned bands are and twice the horror movie freaks, 'Frightmare' have based an entire album on the great era of horror, the 70's and 80's. There is an eeriness afoot when every beginning utilizes samples from the likes of 'Friday the 13th', 'Maniac' and other famed slasher movies of said era.

The music here is something to be appreciated. It has a very thrashy sound which reminds me of "Autopsy Torment' and 'Eaten Back to Life' era 'Cannibal Corpse'. 'Frightmare' even utilizes solo's which is unorthodox for grind metal. This is an instrumental paradise although the bass does get lost behind the rest of the band. The music is catchy and is what you would come to expect if you enjoy 'Razorback' bands like I do. Though lyrical content and vocals are the norm for death/grind I find it refreshing to actually base the songs on something that we all might relate to. I have seen all the movies 'Frightmare' sing about and get more into the music due to that reason.

I enjoy the production as it is murky and dark which helps to give the music texture and a scary aura that is befitting an outfit of the likes of 80's influenced death/grind. I hope that every listener has had the enjoyment that I have had while listening to 'Midnight Murder Mania' and appreciates it for its musical attributes and dedication from its creators. The world of Razorback is upon the metal world strong and vibrant constantly releasing surprise after surprise.

For listeners of 'Lord Gore', 'Fondlecorpse' and 'Bloodfreak'.