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A Grinding Surprise. - 70%

greywindex, November 26th, 2007

Now, to understand the perspective on which I am taking for this review, you have to understand this. I am what some may consider a metal elitist (and many people that utilize this site may consider themselves that as well.) For me to listen to a grind band and say they are "decent" is mostly unusual. I listened to this band, due to my friends amazement with gore-inspired grind bands such as Ghoul, Lord Gore, etc. Usually if I hear a song with a sample that starts it off, I will change the song and dismiss as being hardcore trash, but it was a tad-bit different with this album.

Yes, most of the songs begin with samples, usually off of some horror, slasher flick from way-back-whenever. And yes, the vocals consist of monotonous growling. But still this isn't a bunch of garbage like I almost thought it was. The song that actually hooked me to this album was, "Friday the 13th" which is one of the songs that has a true melody, and isn't a bland assault of br00tality (note the difference between 'brutality' and 'br00tality'). They actually utilize harmonious, melodic guitarring in this song, of course it eventually evolves into a relentless assault on the ears. Now, being an avid fan of black metal, brutal death metal, and blackened thrash/death metal, I don't mind the assault on the ears, but in this situation I am using it in a derogatory sense. Something which is typical of grind bands is that they will do anything to stay tr00 to the br00tality of their music and stray away from genuine musicianship and talent.

They get an average grade because they're not terrible. Their music is rather memorable. But still, they're a typical grind band. They employ blastbeasts, squealing, growling, and monorhythmic riffage in their music. They're nothing special and they're nothing great. They're actually lucky I didn't toss their album before giving them a listen (close-minded, eh?). If you're truly into this stuff, you probably shouldn't be on this site... this is a metal site, and this material is pure grind; deathgrind, goregrind, whatever you want to call it, it's still grind, it's not metal.