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A new fav... - 90%

FuckinBill, June 5th, 2008

Maniac Neil is quickly becoming a goregrind genius in my book. This release by him and RazorbackRecords (who also never disappoints) is amazing. I ordered this online about a week ago because I can't find it anywhere else along with the other Frightmare album Bringing Back The Bloodshed and I finally got it the other day. With an amazing mix of styles and genres including death, grind and thrash Frightmare has created an awesome fucking album. There is so much diversity here that literally anyone can enjoy it.

The guitars are amazing, my favourite parts are all the fills and leads and even solos (yes you heard right) they do. They sound so good and always fit well with the songs. Nothing ever sounds out of place. For instance in the song "Be My Bloody Valentine" the beginning sounds very grind/death and then goes right into a thrash riff. Sounds weird but it flows so well and sounds so good. Don't get me wrong though they also have some great riffs and grooves that really give the album replay value. I could find myself going back to this album every now and then whenever I need a good goregrind fix and can't find any good bands.

The bass is pretty much in the background and you never really hear it (unless there's a fill, I forgot if there are any). The vocals are really good, but nothing new or different. Got your growls and screams and all that. Fits with the music well. What do you expect from a goregrind band? The drums are good, lots of blasts and what not, good tempo, etc. Everything played on this album is really good but for my the guitars are the highlight for me. I could listen to it all day, it's still stuck in my head.

To sum up this album... BUY IT! It is well worth your money. The songs rock, the musicians who play them rock and even the lyrics rock! They're all about slasher flicks. That's just good clean blood splattering fun. If you want a good listen, this is the right place to find it. I highly recommend this to anyone who just wants to hear some good music. There's even a little treat at the end at the album, they do a cover of The Misfits' Devilock. I don't what else I can tell you to convince you that you should get this album, just get it!

Standout songs:

"Friday The 13th"
"The Prowler"
"Be My Bloody Valentine"
"Frank Zito, The Maniac"