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You Enter The World Of Grimbor The Great! - 100%

Basilisk, October 16th, 2009

I always find it irksome when bands that are popular and famous can’t hold a candle to virtually unknown acts such as Freternia. Despite the (unfortunate) fact that they’ve long since split up, Freternia (and this album in particular) provides some of the best power metal I’ve ever heard.

The album shreds along at quite a fast pace, its songs are powerful and catchy. Not in a flowery, pop sort of way, but in a striking, memorable manner. With blasting drums, rumbling guitar, and a tasteful inclusion of strings a la keyboard, Freternia throw the book of mainstream power-metal out the window and replace it with something that is sharper, harder, and shriller but still heroically epic.

The vocals are unique. Humppi can hit all the high notes, but without sounding at all like a chick. Amazing. Alongside his shrill, barking voice there is often a chorus of male vocals bolstering an epic backdrop, and sometimes a low croaking voice that sounds like some evil wizard. Ha, seriously, Freternia’s music can spark your imagination and send you off to another world of head-banging brilliance.

This is “A Nightmare Story,” Freternia’s second and final album. There is not a single mediocre song on it. I can’t even pick favourites. Their first album, “Warchants and Fairytales” is also a very solid album with some great anthems, but I prefer “A Nightmare Story.” It’s tighter, more polished, and more fully developed. Check it out. You can’t go wrong with this band.

*note: apparently Freternia have recently rejoined. I wasn't aware of this when writing this review.