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Tod macht frei - Try it - 92%

Tot_alVital, February 27th, 2011

First I've to say, unfortunately this demo was already sold out as I discovered this band. But the song "Tod macht frei" is also included on the split "Decay..." of 2010, which is my own. There's also another track included, called "Endlose Leere".

With a demo, which contains only one song with a playing time of 7 minutes, a band can be capable to force somebody to write a review for it.. it is really possible? Yes, it is.
Freitodt is one of the few bands, which have the talent and the genius, to create with a tiny equipment and simple ideas a song, which disturbs the listener deep inside.

The song on the demo consists of Depressive Black Metal in a raw quality. I think this quality is also responsible for the atmosphere on the song. Some bands want their sound in a poor quality intentional, because of the atmosphere, but I don't think this was also Freitodt's purpose, because other bands have the chance (and the money), to record their songs in a perfect quality. But it's not important. "Tod macht frei" is successful and the mood is depressing, therefore it doesn't matter. Although the song's structure is very monotonous and repetitive, the rhythm is alternating and it always changes from dragging slowness to midtempo. The tortured screams of Klagesang (Fäulnis) complete the deolate and hopeless atmosphere. Well, the vocals haven't an effect like for example Nattramn's voice, but they are so desperate at least, to say: I want to leave.

Whilst other bands always endeavour, to sound authentic as much as possible and lose this "game" because of the compulsion, Freitodt go their own way and fill their music with all present, and importantly real, emotions. Nothing here is part of a tragedy, all is honest and sincere. This fact makes a band like this worthy, to hear it. At this time you're not only hearing the music, you're also feeling the music. This is how music should be: It should hold soul and meaning.