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Ultra primitive and pathetic - 7%

oneyoudontknow, September 18th, 2008

If you want to have a laugh, then buy/trade this demo, as its abhorrently bad quality is really amusing. Actually, Cumming Jehovah from Canada, another primitive black metal band, is brilliant in comparison with this band from Greece. It should be emphasized that the band from across the Atlantic Ocean is at least capable to offer a 'solid' production without failing of speakers; such would become especially obvious while ripping the «Hellish Rites» tape with Audacity. Several tracks lack nearly entirely of the left speaker and in case both of them appear at the same time, the sound is thin and without any power. Nothing really surprising as no guitars had been used in the process of recording it. Bass, drums and vocals are the elements used on the four tracks and nothing more.

These four songs are very repetitive and minimalist composed. Low complexity and simple riff structures. Plain, boring and hundred trillion times used song structures. Further, the fascination «Freezing Fog» is able to create remains at a low level over the entire release. To put it all into a phrase: «we do not give damn, we are underground metal». Actually, I was quite curious how this band would sound and got this tape via trade, but looking back I have to note that it had been a waste of time to obtain it and certainly not worth the effort. This is a pile of crap, a pile of shit the world does not need. The music is somehow listenable when the pathetic production did not went vomiting every time it gets interesting, because it could not endure the low quality of the music anymore. «Hellish Rites» can be noted as an example for the deteriorating quality of nowadays black metal. Bands are happy that they have been able to write a song with a beginning and an end and want to share their feeling with the world; and often MySpace is the realm which will provide them with the necessary fan base. Comparing «Freezing Fog's» second demo with the first of «Irrwisch» for instance, even 0 points would be too much for this band from Greece. This tape is a waste of resources. 14 points for some nice moments, but due to a fifty percent penalty (abhorrently bad production) only seven are finally granted.