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Perfect tracklist and good performance - 80%

Spectrum, November 27th, 2004

I finally pulled myself together to review this album. Live Invasion is Freedom Call's first live album, released in 2004 on SPV. I have all FC albums. Once I loved them a lot. Now I don't listen to them so often, but they are still good. Crystal Empire is my favourite.

As a live album, the setlist on LI is PERFECT! (See below for a full listing.) OK, almost. I would prefer to trade Land of Light and Eyes of the World for Ages of Power and Over the Rainbow or Tears Falling. But other than that, every one of my favourite FC songs are there (except a few that probably wouldn't work so well live, like Pharao).

The performance is good from all sides (tho not exceptional). Especially kudos to Freedom Call for pulling off the vocal harmonies remarkably well. Backing vocals usually suck on live albums, but they are quite good on this one.

Production is OK. Drums are sort of too loud, and guitars and keyboards are too low. Especially the boards are often inaudible. Length is a very respectable 67 minutes. I dunno which songs to recommend as highlights, tho.

The special edition comes with a 37 minutes bonus disc featuring the entire Taragon EP, a special "story version" of Tears of Taragon and two new covers, namely Doctor Stein by Helloween and a song named Hiroshima that I don't know.

The Taragon EP has four songs: Warriors of Light, Dancing with Tears in my Eyes, Heart of the Brave and Kingdom Come. DWTIME is a cover (Ultravox, I think), the rest are FC songs. Of all these especially Warriors of Light and Hiroshima are great.

Overall, I'll rate the album 80%. Excellent tracklist and good sound, and great bonus material.