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Possibly the best debut album ever!!! - 97%

Brat1983, February 2nd, 2005

4 years had gone by since Mattias Eklundh released the fantastic Scratch’n Sniff record with Fate. In the meantime he had left Fate and gone back to Sweden where he had formed his own band: Freak Kitchen. During a couple of years they had been playing and recording intensively and the result of this is Appetizer. An insane heavy metal record :-)

Opening track is Blind. A midpaced headbanger that really gets you going during the chorus, and this is just the first of many tracks with Mattias’ trademark: The crazy highpitched solos. This track absolutely ROCKS! (9/10)

The title track is one of the best of this record. First part of each verse is quiet and easy and gets harder in the second half before going into the chorus which is so DAMN catchy! “Appetize, appetize… r. Appetize, appetize…r”. Extraordinarily nice!! And that solo, oh it’s really jerking off for fun. VERY cool! Nice drumming by Sjöberg btw. (10/10)

Lie Freedom:
This one I think I would consider as something of a heavy metal blues track. Starting with a couple of chords from the bass and a small sort of lead thing by “IA” and then the drums sets in for an extremely heavy part that is fantastic for every headbanging soul! The song is midpaced, but heavy as fuck! Between each verse and chorus is a small bridge with the lyrics “YOU FUCKIN’ HYPOCRITES!” Despite the chorus is very heavily played, it’s still very melodic and you can’t help singing along. Wonderful track! (10/10)

This track is weird! But oh so nice…! Things slow down here compared to the previous 3 tracks. It’s very hard to describe… It has a bass line lying underneath the music all the time and Mattias are playing some weird shit while singing it…. Yeah, hard to describe, but an absolutely amazing track! (10/10)

See You In Pittsburgh:
Oh man, what a riff! This completely blows me away every time. Fucking cool!! The song is a nice headbanging one about broadcasting networks only transmitting shit. This track is really awesome! (10/10)

Short instrumental track. Really some amazing shit Mattias plays on his guitar. Really cool (10/10)

A song about waking up next morning and having no idea whatsoever where you are or what happened last night. “Who is she and where am I and why are my hands tied?” Musically this is a heavy motherfucker that’s completely irresistible. (10/10)

Some Kind of a Love Song
Perhaps the funniest love song I have ever heard. “I bought you flowers so you would be impressed. Then you’re allergic… well, I should have guessed”. It’s a cool song but not quite up to par with many of the other songs of this record. It’s a midpaced easy rock song with one of the most ordinary solos I’ve ever heard from “IA”. (8/10)
Are You For Real?
A song about those morons who get plastic surgeries and just has got to look their most beautiful every second of the day, but as the chorus goes… “Are you for real? How do you feel?” Lyrically it’s a cool song, but musically it has the same problem as Some Kind of… It’s good but not quite as good as most the album. Still, it’s a good song that might hurt your neck once or twice J (8/10)

The Healthy Man
This is fucking cool! The verse is based on a rather simple drum rhythm while the chorus is one of the best “singalongs” in metal ever. The lyrics tell the sad story of the healthy man who grows herbs in his garden in which he’s working nude. Besides being healthy he tells people that they should live their life in the exact same way as he does. Then one day he gets run over by a truck. Tragic, boo hoo… hehe. In one of the choruses, Mattias sneezes. They kept it in the song because it fits so damn well. “I am so… atjeeee”. Really a cool heavy metal song! (10/10)

What’s the Problem?
Tells the story of a shrink who’s “washing brains for a living”. They’re gonna come back begging for his treatment. This tune is really a heavy one but still with a nice melody and cool chorus. “What’s the problem? I’m here to solve it… I’m EAGER to solve it”. Really another highlight of this magnificent album! (10/10)

The New Part
The disc ends with another instrumental and this one is possibly the best piece of instrumental music I have ever heard. Mattiass finest hour. His inspiration from Steve Vai is obvious but the student beats his teacher! This is so beautiful! (11/10!!!)

As you might have figured out, FK’s first album is really something special and should have a special place in every metal… no, music lover’s collection! The record would have been above perfect it weren’t for Some Kind of Love Song + Are You For Real. They are not bad songs at all, but they really only draw a couple of points off the score of this record. But nevertheless, this is HIGHLY recommendable!!