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22 Minutes of Lifeless Metal - 20%

GuyOne, March 2nd, 2006

After a short 35 second intro, the EP breaks full out with a guitar onslaught of melodic leads and slamming drums. Right away it sounds as though the listener will be in for a real treat. The only problem is that halfway through the first song, it gets very stale. The leads have a serious hint of greatness but never completely fullfill... On any song. The first two songs 'Fragements of Unbecoming' and 'Reborn' are almost identicle. Both songs use the same tempo and nearly same leads and chugging riffs. Doesn't leave much hope for the rest of the EP does it?

Well there is still much hope when 'Summer Solstice' eventually rolls around with some well done (and much needed) clean tone guitars. It gives a break from the ear slaughtering received from the first two songs. Halfway through some heavy distorted guitars break in but it doesn't slaughter your ear as before. It adds to the beautiful but short interlude. Because...

'Bloodred Tales' brings back the slaughtering drums and guitar leads that are still inspired but seem to be half written. The short track could possibly be the best one here. Because it doesn't drag on and the riffs differ slightly from the first two songs. Nearing the end, it sounds like the band knows they are running out of time before the song ends and with each line growled the tempo picks up a little bit more and more until the 2:15 mark is reached.

'An Arctic Serenade' is the longest track (5:44) and in the first 10 seconds I asked myself "Am I going to be able to last for five and a half minutes?". The same problems that plague the entire EP also plague this long long long song. The riffs and leads are half assed and the entire song is at a tempo that just feels like they played with full anxiety and rushed it all. A nice guitar melody halfway slows it down (slightly) and adds abit to this lifeless track.

The last track 'Opening My Heaven's Gate' is the real gem (If there is one in this quickly dulling EP). Opening with more clean tone guitar followed by a wonderful guitar lead and filler riffing. The clean tone lasts approx. 1 minute before the distortion is added and then goes until 2:28 when (Of course) the best part of the album has to fade out into a desolate chilly wind sound that fills up the rest of the 3:55 track. There are no vocals (thank god) and no blasting drum beats. It's just too bad it didn't last longer because it was the best part.

The production of this EP is so shallow it comes to you with a horrible closterphobic feel. It left me feeling closed in and never wanting to return to that small room the EP forced me into. The music is dull and sounding only half complete. The snare gets annoying, the vocals growl way too deep. If it wasn't for the two clean tone songs this EP would be a complete loss... Then again those two tracks only fill 3 minutes of a 22 minute long EP.