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All That Remains of Fozzy - 60%

Flamos, May 13th, 2009

Fozzy is led by WWE wrestler Chris Jericho. This to most is an obvious shitpile, but wait. You’ll never know until you listen right?

This is actually pretty good. I know, surprising right? Unlike their debut and second release, this album contains no covers. These are all songs written by the band. “Nameless Faceless” starts the album, and it’s a great track. I like the lyrics for this song, and the overall feel of it. You’ll also get the feel of Jericho’s vocals, which are pretty much straight forward. Nothing really special and he doesn’t hit any high notes on this album, but for his other occupation this is surprising. You would never expect him to sound this good. “Enemy” is the single for the album, and it’s also very good. This has a mainstream rock feel to it, but this really isn’t a problem. However, “Wanderlust” and “All that Remains” are slumps. They both bore to a level that makes this album uninteresting. That’s the main problem with this record; the negative songs overpower the positive points. Many of these songs just aren’t up to par. “The Way I Am” and Daze of the Week” are just annoying. Everything about these songs is just so average, to the point of annoyance. “The Test” is a good track, and “It’s a Lie” (even though it has an element of rap in it…) is a positive.

This is the definition of an average album. You’ll find a few tracks that you’ll enjoy heavily, then a few that make you want to turn it off. It’s a shame, but the truth. An interesting solo is rare here, even though they exist in tracks like “Nameless Faceless.” Be careful with this one, you’ll probably think it’s average like I did. Check out “Nameless Faceless” and “Enemy.” Otherwise, tread with care.