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Metal made with balls - 88%

SlaySlaysButAlsoReviews, February 16th, 2012

Having only heard this and their demo, I am already impressed by the first 30 seconds of this album and left hungry for some of their others. This Oklahoma-based power/thrash band deliver their balls on a platter with an original and over the top take on simple, traditional power and thrash metal in a way that I have never heard before. There are really no faults on this album and everything sounds so new and fresh, makes you wonder what happened to their promotion and makes me wonder why I have never heard anybody talk about them, over or under the ground.

There is so much diversity on this that calling them “power/thrash” would be an understatement. I hear elements of everything here. Traditional, thrash, speed, power, hard rock, even groove, but don’t run. It’s the good kind. You have your crushers, your kissers, your fun and your severities but everywhere you go you will be met by balls. Balls everywhere, and even in the ballads. Ballsy ballads that will get you hoping.

The vocalist sings like Paul Stanley and shouts like Phil Rind. Together they make David Thompson, a great vocalist but not the greatest that Forté has ever had. Keep in mind that I’m writing this review having only heard this and the “Dementia By Design” demo and if you were expecting the same sort of vocals as on that demo then I am sorry, you will be disappointed. What I like about him though is that every word is clear. That’s a very rare thing in metal, especially in such a violent and aggressive style as this. The vocals might not be from “Dementia By Design” but the instrumental part is spot on and fucking ferocious at that. The drummer is either on speed or he’s the fastest drummer of all time. Despite being all over the place, he’s steady and focused. He knows when and what to hit and he holds his rhythm like I’m assuming this band would hold their liquor. There’s only 1 guitar playing on this album, yet I feel like there’s 5. It’s crushing, caring and very skillful at the same time, almost mechanic together with the others. The bass could be a lot louder, it always can, but it’s there and does a great job at that, which leads us to the production. I’m not going to make a big deal about it but since this is actually 1999, you could expect a lot better.

With all that being said I am no longer afraid to use the word “underrated”. These guys have been churning balls ever since they started and are releasing another in the nearest future. They’ve been going on, doing their thing with the only promotion being 39 friends on myspace, a couple of videos on youtube and 2 reviews on the metal archives. They are by far one of, if not, the most underrated metal band of all time and I truly wish them luck with the future. Amazing album, get it now.