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Forsaken - Pentateuch

The Scriptures of Doom - 95%

Dog General, October 20th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2017, CD, Mighty Music (Digipak)

As can be attested from the album title Pentateuch, this is the fifth album by Forsaken - and what an album! Malta’s Forsaken made sure that the end result of this effort i.e the sound, remains identifiable to their trademark forged in epic doom as found on predecessor albums (Dominaeon & After the Fall). However they did not rest on their laurels and the band succeeded in crafting something beyond the usual efforts. Why?

This is a strong, heavy, epic opus which sees Forsaken reaching new heights and touching new territories thanks to strong compositions, top notch vocals and a fine production with attention to the details. Forsaken made sure that there will be no stone left unturned in the making of the album. The short mystic instrumental ‘Phaneros – Coming to Light’ introduces Pentateuch and opens the gates for the heavy, slow paced and ominous Serpent Bride which gives a sense of foreboding. One can expect a creation of the typical to traditional doom metal heavy riffing with a fine plodding rhythm section. This can be attested on each unforgettable track namely ‘Primal Wound’ and the head bang-able Sabaoth. In such songs encasing the old school pattern one cannot help notice the exquisite guitar playing by Sean Vukovic while Albert Bell seems in Geezer Butler form. Finally drummer Simeon Gatt nails everything into pattern and shape by his solid drumming.

The details, referred too earlier point to instances in songs like ‘The Banishment’ containing a reciting baritone voice accentuated by mysterious female vocalisations nearing the end of the track. Also ‘The Dove and the Raven’ and the final opus ‘Apocryphal Winds’ are truly memorable epic slabs of doom where Leo Stivala’s vocal performances do shine above the norm! These two songs encapsulates incessant riffing and lead breaks, changes in the theme of the song and choruses topped with soaring vocals complemented by falsetto singing. One may not fail to notice the ‘live’ sound of the recording due to the clarity of each and every instrument oozing doom metal from the speakers. Reaching new heights and going to further territories due to the new compositions, Forsaken are masters of their own creations – epic doom metal! The Pentateuch is the scriptures of doom!