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"Poser Raping Black Metal" - 60%

TheStormIRide, June 6th, 2017

Calgary's sewer dwelling maniacs Fornication have been steadily releasing new material throughout the years, finally releasing their debut full length, Spitting Curses, in 2016. Back in 2010, the band released a really short EP titled Sewer Dwellers, which was released as download on Bandcamp (and eventually a cassette version came out). The band's self-description is pretty hilarious, but it does give an inkling as to what the band's sound is all about: “Fornication plays hellish black metal, rapes all other local “black metal” and posers.” So, yeah, sewer dwelling, poser raping black/thrash metal would seem to be the order of the day.

Sewer Dwellers is short, even by rampant, low brow black/thrash standards: four tracks comprising of eleven minutes of music. Acerbic, vomited vocals and drunken shouts and a filthy, rabid guitar tone offer a savage and primordial take on the style. Chunky thrash riffing with trailing trem sweeps and endearingly amateurish leads push forth merging with fast paced black metal riffing, all the while the rhythm section sways drunkenly in line.

While nothing ground breaking or inherently clever, Sewer Dwellers was a cool little homage to the primeval blackened thrashing of old and certainly paved the way for the band's debut album six years later. Fans of Bestial Mockery and Nifelheim and the like might be inclined to check this out, but don't expect the same level of drunken destruction those acts bring. Regardless, there are quite a lot of worse ways to spend eleven minutes.