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A time past but not forgotten - 80%

Dank, September 1st, 2012

I have decided to attempt to go through my collection and review some of the albums I have that are yet to be reviewed, this being this first in this effort as this undoubtedly in vain.

I came across Forn Valdyrheim when I met some of the band at a gig in early 2010. Up until this time I'd been convinced the Australian scene had nothing much to offer other than a brief foray into Astriaal after I'd seen them in support of Mayhem about a year or so earlier.

Reminisce Eternity...given to me by Dan'thaal after we had hit it off at the time discussing several bands of mutual a quality listen and is excellently produced for an independently released metal album. The at the time credited influences of Satyricon and Abigor are apparent from the start of the first track with guitar and drum work a particular highlight. The vocals also insight memories of the classic Norwegian acts of yore. The real classic of the release for my mind is Beyond the Gate, which captures the best vibe of the band and features the best vocal performance of the release. One drawback I find is some indecisiveness as to which type of band they wanted to be at this time with the personality of the keyboard player coming out much too strong in the interludes whilst being almost entirely suppressed during the main features. Overall, the album was a very classy effort for the band making their first full-length release and it was a shame to me at least that there was no logical follow-up produced as Thaal left the band, leading to their ultimate demise.

Reminisce Eternity captures a moment in time for me not just whilst I knew some of the guys from the band, but also highlighted my journey...the journey of many from the "popular" black metal sounds of bands such as Satyricon, Setherial, and Abigor towards the underground, and at the time of Drudkh, Katharsis, and Temnozor, a similar journey the band will ultimately take with their sound, eventually resulting in the departure of their original driving force, Dan'thaal, and eventually their break up.

Recommended if you can find a copy.