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One of the best demos ever!! - 100%

MAThrashmaniac, September 18th, 2005

On their second release, FORMICIDE came out all guns blazing!! The guitars are like a machine gun with some of the fastest picking ever heard! The solos pulled off were nothing short of brilliant!! Kevin Stevenson was/is truly a guitar god! Steve Repucci's vocals are some of the most distinct ever to be heard in the genre, from a gruff low to a surprising high wail that helped FORMICIDE and their distinctive sound! Roy Costa was/is an extremely estute bassist who's counterpoint riffs alongside Kevin's licks made for some very memorable song parts! Erik Stevenson was also a machine on the drums with great dexterity! Always very controlled in keeping the tempo yet able to pull off fills that were nothing short of jaw dropping! While only clocking in at about 13 minutes, this demo is one that can be played over and over and NEVER gets old, boring or tired. They could be confused with NO ONE else and it was a tragedy that they never got signed. Truly one of the best thrash bands EVER, even if on a local level.