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Best of Croatia - 93%

Diogenus, August 13th, 2004

This is the real deal. This is the best Croatian metal release ever.

Forlorn Legacy have years of experience and released a handful of demos wich were good, but this is different. Those demos were good but production and short runing time prevented them to become cult. This album has all. It was produced in Gama Studio in zagreb by the band and Igormeister. The sound is firm and somewhat raw.Forlorn Legacy play a mix of melodic and technic death metal.Etinger's vocals are accompanied by excellent clean vocals of Marizza ( Mario Romanic ). On the faster parts you can definately hear The Goethenburg style influence, while on the slower parts things get really heavy and complex. If i had to single out songs, this would be my choice:

1. Conspiracy- A great opening track with loads of fast druming, insane solos, great screamed and clean vocals

2. Crest of silence- Amazing song wich stuns with it's riffing and complex druming

8. Coldness do speak- Just like "Crest..." but much faster

13. Last try- A great, hypnotic mid tempo ripper.

For all death metallers, this isa must-have.