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Primitive & punk sounding second FW demo - 70%

NausikaDalazBlindaz, April 3rd, 2011

Second demo by Forgotten Woods soon after the self-titled one, "Through the Woods" has a very primitive sound and the band sounds more punk-like in its approach. There is a push in a more experimental and ambient direction as well with the ambient passages at the start and end of the release including strange whooping noises and animal snarls and howls. The centrepiece of this demo is "Inside the Witches Cave" which features galloping rhythms, a deep bassy grind and many changes in melody and pacing. At various points throughout the song, the musicians threaten to go wild with screams and a more frenzied style of playing. Though they never lose control of what they do, they frequently give the impression of being taken over by the music and letting it take them where it will before someone is seized by sanity and draws the others back into a more stable level of consciousness and playing.

Of the other two tracks, "Storm of the North" is a hard-edged, almost hammer-on-anvil percussive song with a strong driving rock'n'roll rhythm. The title track is equally tough and uncompromising if not so painful on the ear but it does have the feel of a rough cut that needs more work and thought put into it to be a proper self-contained piece.

As with the first demo, FW's aspirations far outstrip what they could afford to work with in the way of equipment and recording methods. The sound is blunt and gives few hints of depth and subtlety, especially in the ambient music passages. Any attempt at creating a definite mood or atmosphere would have been in vain. The songs end up sounding more primitive than the band might have liked though there'll be listeners who will appreciate the very raw, almost garagey quality and roughness of the band's sound.