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Depressive Black Metal starts here - 96%

Kopp, May 24th, 2005

Together with Burzum, Forgotten Woods are the fathers of what is today called "depressive" or "suicidal" black metal.
Music that transmits depression, isolation and sadness. This album continues on the same line of "As the Wolves Gather", but in my opinion this one is more mature. Production is a little (but very little!) cleaner, and the attitude of the band is the same.
Six long songs for over an hour of total misanthropy. Prevailing rhythms are slow, riffs easy and repetitive, gapped and often coupled with gloomy and beautiful acustic moments.
Screams are despaired and anguishing, supported by choirs that underline the sound of the guitars: they partecipate to increase the melancholy element of the compositions, without being epic or in no way "happy".
The result is raw, minimalistic and repetitive, however fascinating because melodies created by Forgotten Woods are easy to assimilate but they never bore the listener. It's a particular mixture between old school black metal with doom and dark influences: also if it has been copied by dozens of bands through the years, mantains vitality and originality still today.
If you are looking for headbanging-music, search something else, here you'll find nothing but desolation and despair.
If you like true black, black/doom and suicidal bands like Abyssic Hate, Forgotten Tomb or Shining, don't hesitate to buy this album.
It's one of the best releases produced by Norwegian Black Metal scene in the 90es and it's one of the best transpositions of sadness in music.
My favourite song:"The Starlit Waters"