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Spirit Of Night Comes Again... - 100%

Killer_Clown, January 10th, 2012

The second part of the greatest trilogy from legendery norwegian band is one of most favourite in my album collection. We can even compare these classical BM releases with the Tolkien's trilogy "The Lord Of The Ring" by their greatness and significance to black metal (many band and artist names are taken from the book about Mordor, probably because Tolkien narrates about the dark sides of human soul and imperfection of being). But the importance of Forgotten Woods to black metal, during the second wave, is also absolutely incontestable.

In my opinion this outstanding trilogy is equal and I cannot single out the best. "Sjel Av Natten" is just the logical continuation of "As The Wolves Gather" and "The Curse Of Mankind" is the logical completion of both previous. Their last work "Race of Cain" has another point and deeply differs from the preceding, but there's no matter. But they still have their own unique style, which nobody can repeat (there were some attempts like Woods Of Infinity's "Hejda", but this one was only poor exuse for FW). They proved it once again in Joyless with album "Unlimited Hate". By the way, there are some "covers" on their consequent side-project on "Sjel Av Natten".

In short, everything is the same as on their previous masterpiece. The vocals are as harsh, the riffs are still raw, melodies are outstanding at the same way, so, everything is as great as on "As The Wolves Gather". But after the listening to "Sjel Av Natten" you will never have an impression that you heard something identical with the early release. That is the main virtue of the Greatest: to save the resembling sound, being original and special at the same time and avoid the reiteration. So, Forgotten Woods still has a little bit distorted sound with rough vocals, amazing raw guitars, scarcely noticeable basses and brilliantly done drum work with ringing cymbals.

"Sjel Av Natten" has three original songs, two untitled tracks from some demo releases and strange hidden track, which lasts 16 seconds. The first song, which bears the name of the album is sustained in "usual" FW's style. But on the second song I want to go into detail. Honestly, I wonder how can people create such masterpieces. It starts with unspeakable melody (which could be compared only with melody inSolstafir's "I Myself The Visionary Head") accompanied with beautiful raw vocals, which totally staggers you. This riff recurs a few times during the song. Also in the middle of the track we can hear extremely beautiful solo, lasting for approximately 1-1,5 minutes. The riff about which I was talking above completes the song and absolutely finishes you off. The next song is the superb example of greatness and magnificence of Forgotten Woods.

"Sjel Av Natten" is the real classics of black metal and it is obligatory for listening and buying this EP from Forgotten Woods. Even if you don't like them, you should have this one at least out of regard for the great band.