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I reject this... - 59%

zhay777, June 9th, 2013

Well, Under Saturn Retrograde was my first Forgotten Tomb album and also my first album in black/doom metal, so it isn't strange that I liked it at first. Now when I have listened to other their albums, I've started to think that Under Saturn Retrograde is their worst album ever released. Even more, if it was be the album from Forgotten Tomb I checked out the last, I wouldn't believe that this album is by them, because it's quite different from their music.

Here are different kind of vocals, which I couldn't consider to be bad. It's just something different. I haven't heard this kind of rasp in any other band, so it was nice surprise. Also, you can hear few pleasant clean vocals, for example in the track 'Joyless' and 'Spectres Over Venice'. Guitarist does really good job too, especially in the track 'Reject Existence'. Also I would like to highlight the guitar riffs in the track 'Under Saturn Retrograde, Part I'. Mainly riffs are repeated, which is typical for black metal. Also drummer is good too. There's nothing to say 'wow', but this drumming fits perfectly into this music. Here also is the decent cover of the song 'I Wanna Be Your Dog', originally performed by The Stooges. They gave new life to this song and somehow, the new direction too.

So what's the problem? The problem is in it's atmosphere. Most tracks sound positively and optimistically. Take 'Joyless'. This song should be called 'Joyful', because the guitar riffs here are fucking joyful. If here would be only clean vocals, everything would be ruined. There are same problems with the most of the other tracks: Shutter, Downlift... Here are two tracks that aren't fail. The track 'You Can't Kill Who's Already Dead' is really great one, it has everything, clean vocals and depressive atmosphere too. And the second superb my favorite track here is 'Spectres Over Venice'. This is really what other tracks should have sounded like. The whole song including the second half with clean vocals and acoustic parts bears the atmosphere of depression and negativity, which is what fans expect from Forgotten Tomb.

To sum up, this is good album to start listening to black/doom metal or to try something different, but if you are seeking the misanthropic misery and suicidal negativity in the music, you'd better try Springtime Depression by these guys.