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Forgotten Tomb - Songs to Leave (2002) - 100%

Unsilent_Storms, December 8th, 2004

Forgotten Tomb is undoubtedly one of the coolest bands I have heard in a long time. It is so exciting to see that the true spirit of doom and black are kept alive in this blistering band. “Songs to Leave” are a collection of melancholic and sorrowful tunes that drag you deep into hell. The first track is “Entombed by Winter” and it is a brilliant opener. It starts slow; creepy noises are heard in the background, some kind of synthesizing effect that repeats itself repeatedly throughout the song. The voice in this particular track sounds a lot like Burzum (think “Dunkelheit” from Filosofem).

The second track is “Solitude Ways”, melodic, very dark and has a nice change of tempo in the middle. The song has a slow pace but is full of crunching guitar riffs, the voice is a lit cleaner and sounds less distorted then in the first track. “Steal my Corpse” departs from the slower paced before mentioned tracks, it starts out with a riff that evokes pure sadness and then breaks into an all out black metal band, lightning speed drumming, haunting screams, and blazing guitars, one of the fastest songs in the album, it will appeal to old school black metal fans, the over all riffs remind me of Mayhem.

The last two tracks are the gems of this release. “No Way Out” has an awesome guitar melody that is amazingly catchy, the double bass throughout the song add an amazing texture. Finally the song that stands out above the rest, “ Disheartenment” is something that sounds straight out of the October Tide album “Rain without End” album. Sorrowful guitars wail as the song unfolds and in my humble opinion, this song really evokes melancholy and heartbreak, the vocals bleed agony and add to the dramatic over all sound of the song.

This band is one of the best things that has happened to Heavy Metal, they musicianship is flawless, the songs are perfectly constructed and there is no single weak spot here, if you are into dark metal and dark lyrics you will love this band and this release.