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Disheartened. - 60%

Perplexed_Sjel, October 28th, 2007

Songs To Leave ... Out of the collection, perhaps. I'm not a great fan of this full-length record. It represents the only downfall in a glittering career for Forgotten Tomb. That doesn't mean to say it's terrible to the point where listeners would be seen vomiting at the thought of listening to Songs To Leave. However, it's by no means fantastic.

There are far too many elements to the music which are lacking or stuttering behind some of the bands other works. The vocals have hit an all time low for me. The indecipherable rasping sound isn't particularly good. In actual fact it's one of the more mediocre showings any black metal vocalist has produced in recent years and for a band of this calibre, they really should be better. I for one am glad when it comes to the introduction of the clean vocals. They add spice, variation and give Forgotten Tomb a whole new lease of life. They weren't very popular to begin with, but I can see them growing on people in the not so distant future.

I do struggle to see the appeal of these vocals. Especially as they detract from the music greatly. They're very restrictive. I don't see them as being particularly emotive and to be honest, neither is the music itself. It creates an odd image of itself. The guitars seem to be undecided over whether to create a collage of depressing and desolate riffs, or whether to add new impetus to the overall sound. At points, the guitars sound rather upbeat in terms of tones, which doesn't suit the style of vocals at all. Then again, i'm not entirely sure what style of music would suit the vocals. They're lacklustre.

Songs To Leave offers a vast array of different riffs and leads, but they're not impressive. A lack of innovation is costly here. Forgotten Tomb have for once failed to live up to the high expectations. There is only one case in which I can safely say I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this full-length and that would be on the track, 'Disheartenment'. Otherwise, Forgotten Tomb's mid to fast paced music is unappealing and holes have begun to show in their performance. That's not to say that there aren't good sections because there are, as aforementioned.

Some neat play pokes it's head every now and then, but it's few and far between. The uninspiring percussion sections don't go down well either. 'Disheartenment' is the only time when depression truly sets in and Forgotten Tomb finally let loose. The riffs ebb and flow nicely culminating in a delightful ambient piece of music. Again, these parts are few and far between. Disappointing.