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Dance In December, anyone? - 95%

Manwaring, January 27th, 2005

Forgotten Tomb are by far one the best bands in the vain of depressive metal. Their unique blend of doom and black, while maintaining strong melodic elements is only equaled by Katatonia's early work.

The production on this album is perfect, the rythme guitars drone in the background letting the melodic leads be heard clearly. The drums are sharp and very tight.
The vocal work on this album is something along the lines of Burzum's first few albums, only slightly more controled and understandable.

The album opens off with "Entombed by Winter", the darkest track on the album. The vocals start off earbleedingly distorted, and work their way to fever pitch.
The songs then progress in a melodic direction through "Solitude Ways", which has a very Burzumite rythemic feel, and onto the yet more melodic but none the less depressive "Steal my Corpse". Now to the shortest track of the album "No Way Out" Some great lead work flows very well, but all other songs on this album or if not within the genre bow down to the mighty final track of this album. A 12:43 long epic of melancholy "Disheartenment". All the best elements from the other songs are included in this final track, truely one of the greast doom songs ever written.

Overall, if you are into doom or black-metal, with talent, melody and melancholy get this album. Ingnore the latter work of this band, which is rather uselessly grim and out done by the likes of Shining and Silencer.