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Internally devastating...pure sadness... - 96%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, January 20th, 2008

A winter day in complete solitude, an abandoned house, a gloomy room, a soul without a body, a body without a soul…Forgotten Tomb are all this in their first, desperate effort, “Songs To Leave”. The negativity in this effigy of the inner depression has no comparison. The pure desperation that lies in these tracks can only lead to a suicide in the most obscure room of your home.

Created in 1999, after a Mini CD of fast black metal, Forgotten Tomb conceived an album that can be easily considered one of the top ones in this field. The Forgotten Tomb of 2002 were pure pain, so forget about the clean vocals and the not too depressive mood of Negative Megalomania album. Five songs only to make darkness descend even over the most shiny place…there’s no way out like said in “No Way Out” song.

The drums in their slow agony are like the pulse of a dying heart, destroyed by sadness, desolation, and life. The guitars draw landscapes of pure depression in their play between lead parts and arpeggios. The agony of “Enthroned By Winter” is superb, an incredible track especially during the arpeggios, always “deep”, intense and internally devastating. The intelligent use of some (few) keyboards makes the sound even colder. They are just utilized as a “base” during the arpeggios but they always give a really particular touch.

Surely the most important influences for Herr Morbid are Burzum, Manes, Strid and Katatonia. An important example for anyone who wants to follow the path, as musician or not, of the true depressive dark/black metal. There’s no happiness in this journey that so often can lead you to a suicide or to the self mutilation.

The few lights you can find here are just those sterile of the neon in a dirty, black subway. They are the light of the hope of a soul that tries to not abandon a tired body, let down by an empty and dark life. Herr Morbid understands it very well and transforms it in excellent music. A title like “Disheartenment” is an example of what I said: the screams are the main symbol of the internal sickness that leaves you completely empty.

A masterpiece of sickness in its purest form. Listen to it and prepared to be annihilated by the beautiful depression.