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Forest of Shadows - Where Dreams Turn to Dust - 99%

Unsilent_Storms, October 10th, 2006

Every now and then in ones lifetime, one is presented with things that touch you so deep inside, for better or for worse, your life is changed forever. In a world so automated and predictable, listening to this 3 song ep by Forest of Shadows took me away from the daily task of life into a world all of my own, where I experienced music that brought me close to tears.

In this ode to love, and having it taken away, the quality of both the music and the production are top notch. Where to start? How to describe this music that has me so enthralled and yearning for so much more! The music is so hauntingly beautiful, weaving in between acoustic guitar passages with clean vocals to deep growling vocals accompanied of electric guitar riffs that seem more like violins crying.

“Where Dreams turn to Dust”, consists of 3 songs, the shortest clocking in at 8:22, one could thing this is a bad thing, when done in a cheesy predictable way a song this length could seem like an eternity, but when done with such class and beauty, it is not nearly enough.

The first track is “Eternal Autumn”, as soon as it starts with its medieval flute intro, so hauntingly perfect, you almost feel like you are on top of the tower of a Castle hundreds of years ago, gazing away into a never ending forest, this is interrupted by a sudden lament, a love story told in 2 different voices, a clean one and a demonic growl which tells us the story of a women dying in her lovers arms to great effect, you can certainly feel the distress and agony of this man as his beloved dies in hi arms.

Where Dreams Turn to Dust, closes out with 2 other very long songs, “Wish” and “Of Sorrow Blue” which is a whopping 11 minutes and 30 seconds long, and all I can think of as the last song fades into silence is I want more! It’s not enough!

If I had to compare this band to other bands for comparisons sake it would be October Tide, Katatonia, early Opeth and early Anathema. The majesty of Forest of Shadows though is precisely that. This work can stand proud next to the before mentioned giants music wise, concept wise and lyrics wise, it is well crafted melancholic doom metal that should be in every doom fanatics collection!