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Excellent - 98%

Sharkbait, May 12th, 2008

It isn't very often when an album hits me emotionally. Forest of Shadows does this very well in this EP. They aren't a generic doom metal band, I feel. This EP has some foreign sounds for the genre. Acoustic guitars are often added, same with other instruments (such as a flute in the song Eternal Autumn). These other instruments mix beautifully. Each song is very similar, but unique enough to enjoy. The atmosphere created is overwhelming at times. The song Wish got a hold of me the most. From the first second to the last, you are in a new world. A very beautiful, but sad, song. By the end of it, I am in tears almost every time.

The guitar is very good. It is very nicely written. Same goes for all of the other instruments. I absolutely love the vocals. He has a very nice voice that matches perfectly with this kind of music. The sound quality is good. The lyrics are nicely written, they're very poetic. Wish is the best song on this EP. Here's a sample of the closing lyrics; the highlight of the song:

"...Still I dream, but now I know,
I dream a lie, so I close my eyes and I sigh,
A life of shattered dreams, I can no longer bear,
I enter thee eternal sleep."

The only bad thing about this album is that it can get boring near the middle of the last song. All three songs are fairly slow, which can make the listener feel like it's dragging on. Since it is slow, it is very relaxing.

They definably stand out among other doom metal bands. This EP is my favorite recording out of the genre. I highly recommend this one.