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Forest of Shadows > Departure > Reviews > grimdoom
Forest of Shadows - Departure

Lack of inspiration doesn't equate good Doom. - 8%

grimdoom, September 8th, 2007

After hearing the amazing ‘Where Dreams Turn to Dust’, one would expect its follow up to be just as spellbinding and beautiful. What we want and what we get, however, aren’t always the same.

The production on this album is pretty good, typical of a Firedoom (now Firebox) records release. The instruments all sound good; the only problems are the songs and the vocals. Other than that, there really isn’t a lot to say about this album other than its BORING!!!

The vocals are passable when clean (although heavily accented), the Death vox on the other hand sound too forced and dry. The music is incredibly simplistic and repetitive, the drums are apparently programmed. It’s hard to believe that this album could be more boring that it is. This album sounds beyond uninspired and dull.

There is a slight industrial feel to the music due to the drums. The music is layered but the way the songs were written only causes them to drag on further. This is a very stripped down recording.

In short, ‘Where Dreams Turn to Dust’ is an excellent piece of atmospheric Doomdeath Metal recommended to all. ‘Departure’ is one of the worst excuses for Doom Metal/Metal in general that any one man could have created.