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Forest of Shadows > Departure > Reviews > PaganWinter_44
Forest of Shadows - Departure

Painfully Boring - 34%

PaganWinter_44, July 11th, 2007

Forest of Shadows is one of the many doom metal bands that have been recommended to me. I am not a big doom metal fan, and the reason for that is albums like this. Departure is all the things that I've heard people say. It is sorrowful. It is melancholic. It is also dreadfully boring.

The whole album starts off with the song Sleeping Death. This song is appropriately named because it nearly put me to sleep. About 8 minutes of the song is nothing but the monotonous keyboard chords, quarter note drum kick, quarter note bass plucks, and emotionless vocals. Just as I'm drifting off into a dream, the song finally kicks it into something more metal. It's still slow, it's still depressing, and the vocals went from dull to death. This is a nice change, but it goes on forever and ever. So you trade eight minutes of one unchanging tune for another eight minutes of the same thing. November Dream starts out better with a nice guitar melody, but the drums and bass are still playing the same thing throughout the entire ten minutes. Halfway through the song, just like the previous song, it kicks in with a more driving riff, but it still goes on and on. Even though this song is repetitive as hell, it at least manages not to put the listener to sleep.

There's a nice little interlude, which is basically the good parts of the first two songs without all the comatose vocals. Open Wound, which is the only song that's worth a damn on here, comes in after the chorus. I personally think this song should've been the closing song, seeing as how it has the most emotion out of the entire album. This song I have no problem with. Then comes Departure. This song starts out very, very weakly. Its 14 minutes of basically the same thing, as with almost the whole album. The only good thing about this song is the ending piano piece.

Musically, this album is very talented. The guitars do not drone and buzz like in most doom. They simply play distorted riffs that do not overpower. The occasional acoustic guitars are very well used. The drums and bass are dreadfully dull. They play the same tune depending on the song. There's no variation to it at all. They're just used to keep beat, that's it. The vocals, when they're not death metal vocals, are so painfully monotonous. There's no emotion, there's no feeling, there's just someone speaking slowing into the microphone. When they finally do their death metal vocals, they're a lot better, but you'll only get to experience them if you grit your teeth and bear the dullness of the first half of almost all the songs.

My final verdict: download this album. It's not worth the money you'd spend on it. Don't even download the whole album. All you'd have to do is download one song, and you'll know how the rest of the album is. If you're an avid fan of this kind of doom metal, then you may like it. However, I find this to be one of the most boring albums I've ever listened to.