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Some solid stuff - 60%

oneyoudontknow, April 16th, 2012

Well, after two rather short and rather humorous reviews in an earlier edition of this magazine (Number 9), this time the length and the complexity of the release prohibits something similar … and to run the same joke twice would also be quite lame.

So there we are. This demo was recorded in two sessions and you can clearly recognize it through the two different sounds of the compositions; 1-3 and 4-6 respectively. Whether or not the nearly absence of those odd samples is a good thing is hard to say, because they add some sort of humorous undertone to the overall concept. The Omair Soomro Song has such a section in it, in case anyone cares.

Aside from this fast thrash metal is offered, which in style resembles the underground and ‘we don’t give a fuck attitude’, so common to a lot of other bands from this genre. Nevertheless, the rather short length of the compositions leaves little room to actually explore the ideas; which in case of the opener is actually a good thing. Fast and merciless riff attacks with occasionally slower interludes are what can be found on this release. The mixture between screaming and singing adds a further nice nuance to the overall impression.

At least B.I.T.P. is better than what the band released earlier. The style of the genre was not invented anew and it would be interesting to have more length but also some nice solo parts in the compositions. Nevertheless, as this band comes from a rather small metal scene, you should give it a try.

Based on a review originally written for ‘A dead spot of light (Number 12)’:

Party Time! - 80%

overkill666, May 30th, 2011

What comes to mind when you picture Pakistan? Maybe the Taliban, maybe some dirt roads and poverty, maybe Osama getting killed. Well, if you're even relatively into good metal you should be thinking about some Foreskin. And no, I don't mean your penis. Foreskin is probably the only crossover/thrash act coming from Pakistan. B.I.T.P. is a really cool little demo with a lot of a attitude.

The first thing I really liked about this demo is how good it sounds. When I think about demo bands from Pakistan, I was expecting something that sounded like the early black metal tapes - indistinguishable guitar riffs, blasting drums that sounded like white noise, and so forth. You don't get that aspect with this demo. It has a nice and neat recording quality, though it's not so polished that it loses that aggressive edge. It's mixed very properly as well. I like how everything is conformed and audible. You're not left with a lacking feeling at the end of the six tracks. It sounds a lot better than my first attempts at mixing my own records.

Onward to the music. The riff work is simple, yet it does the job nicely. There's quite a bit of thrashy chugging, specifically featured in "Raid the Stage". Foreskin's songs are mainly short, sweet, and to the point. Saying that, there isn't a lot of riff diversity. But I do enjoy what's there. In lack of a lot of riff work, they offer aggression with riff work played at high speeds, though they throw you a curve ball with "Attack of the Radioactive Posers". This song reeks of pure heavy metal vibe. The guitar work sounds like something I would've found on an old school NWOBHM record. This song is definitely the highlight of this demo. Moving onward, we have the vocal work. I can't think of a band to compare them to, but they work. They're more harsh than a lot of standard thrash bands. Imagine a crossover band using a black metal-influenced vocalist. There's also a bit of reverb thrown into his vocal work that sounds pretty cool.

Foreskin is a Pakistani force to be reckoned with. I dig their style and what they're trying to do. For being only six songs long, it's an interesting listen. I hope Hassan keeps this project going because there needs to be more good crossover bands floating around in the scene. I'm glad I'm circumcised or Foreskin might thrash off the extra skin.

The Cuntess Commands The.... to MOSH! - 80%

mr nobody, May 6th, 2011

Hailing from Lahore, Pakistan, Foreskin is an underground thrash metal/hardcore punk band with music that is raw as fuck. Their new demo, B.I.T.P, justifies it all. With some heavy headbanging tunes and riffs that will make you create a 1-man circle pit in your room, Foreskin has put out a good demo worth listening to, especially with the improved production compared to previous demos.

The demo was a little too short like most bands in this genre, but it was decent enough to grab some attention. The demo starts with the song, “The Cuntess Commands Thee”, which is a pure, raw headbanging song with some nice crunchy grooves straight out of the Scott Ian textbook. The other songs on this are the title track which is a cool homage to the growing mosh culture in Pakistan, the hardcore punk double header of "Raid the Stage" and "Kill the Principal" which sound like they were from 1983, the interlude "Omair Soomro Song", and lastly, "Attack of the Radioactive Posers", which sounds like a homage to the classic metal anthems of the '80s, therefore very different from the other tracks.

The riffs are pretty decent overall, being always energetic and fun and I think that drummer Omair Soomro needs to be complemented for his part on the demo tape. The vocalist, Hassan Umer, does a cool job mostly, but specifically has done a fantastic job in the song “Kill the Principal.” The hatred in his voice suggests that he most definitely wants to kill his principal with anything possible and this case with a pencil ("kill the principal, kill him with a fucking pencil!"). However, he changes his vocal style in the title track and ends up sounding slightly unconfident. The songs overall are good but lack some quality production, most notably the last two songs, but then again they are apparently live jams.

B.I.T.P promises some good music with perhaps better music to be released in the coming days. The lyrical theme, raw music, and “I don’t give a damn” attitude has made foreskin a great band to listen to and a welcome change in the Pakistan scene. For all I know, Foreskin can produce way better stuff than this. Their next demo just needs some better production.

BITP - An oracle of things to come - 70%

Det_Morkettall, February 19th, 2011

Well now, our friends here at Foreskin have released a new demo. After some unfortunate trouble with the EP they were recording (have most, if not all, of the tracks recorded for the EP were lost in a hard drive crash. So what did they do? They recorded more shit, of course. And thank fuck for that, because we have a satisfactory treat until their next true release comes out. Here, we have BITP.

BITP is a demo that was recorded with noticeably better production, and in different sessions. The latter shows, unfortunately in the different volumes of the track. For example, the track The Cuntess Commands Thee is a fairly mid-volumed track that gets the blood pumping and the head banging with it's thrashy riffs and great drumming. Speaking of drumming, it's pretty good and well written this time around, and accompanies the riffs perfectly. Throughout the entire album, actually, the structure, timing, and composition of the tracks never conflict (except with maybe group shoutings in B.I.T.P., but that adds a certain feel to the track that makes it special), which is nice because that wasn't exactly the case for the last two demos. However, volume difference is still a problem.

The length of the demo, however, is a bit of a concern. Sure, it's an extremely well done demo, but it's a bit short. If it were a tiny bit longer, it could be more attention grabbing, but just as soon as it starts and blows your mind, it seems it finishes. While it is good that it finishes on a high, explosive note, it's just not long enough to really sink in. Hence why I had to have multiple spins to really analyze the thing.

Overall, the demo is good, and considering it's length, it's simply an oracle of things to come in this bands future. According to a Facebook post from their official page, the metal aspects will be toned down and substituted with much more hardcore influence. If they follow suit with the ideas present on this demo, no matter what, I'm happy with this!

Pros: -Extremely fun crossover/thrash tunes that catch on like AIDS in a gay bar.
-Better production, almost squeaky clean

Cons: -Differing volumes sort of hinder the flow of the demo.
-Short length makes it difficult when trying to analyze.

So much potential - 62%

jugchord07, February 8th, 2011

Foreskin is a crossover thrash band from Pakistan. All the songs were recorded in different sessions so in a way the album is kind of a compilation of unreleased tracks. The sound quality varies a lot throughout the demo. Tracks like "Kill the Principal" are very muddy and quiet, while tracks like "Raid the Stage" are very load in comparison. This isn't a major problem but it does effect the flow of the demo in a negative way.

The demo clocks in at less than ten minutes and it doesn't drag at all but it does have a difficult time grabbing your attention. The track "Attack Of the Radioactive Posers" has some great ideas and sounds like it could be an amazing track but it is unfortunately plagued by the production quality. Foreskin definitely has the chops to make some great music and it is evident on every track but there are too many things working against them on this release. This isn't to say the demo is bad, because the band shows great potential and has some very fun moments crammed into this demos short playtime. At times Umer reminds me of Baloff back in the Bonded By Blood days.

The drumming on the demo is great. Soomro drives the band along at an excellent pace and plays with a great amount of energy. The lyrical themes here follow typical thrash/crossover themes, moshing, rebelling against authority, and the damn posers! That being said some of the lyrics are quite humorous lines like "Kill the Principal (x3) Kill him with a fucking pencil " and "So don't hesitate, spread the true metal sound! Like Bill Clinton's erect penis, stand tall and proud!" are classic.

B.I.T.P. is one of those albums that is entertaining but lacks originality. Don't go into this album expecting to have you mind blown. It wouldn't hurt to try and get all the tracks recorded at the same sound quality but who knows in this bands case that may not have been possible. Overall I'd love to hear what this would sound like with good enough production to make everything out clearly. This is still a good effort, it's just not as awesome as it could've been.